24-year-old Ruben van de Water is more in the class of the Bruce Godvilet's, the Bas Ent's, the Julius Wille's, and etc. as a 2011 signing. Meaning unlike Oscar Moens, van de Water will not be stealing many Dutch or American headlines for signing with the Dayton Dutch Lions.

Not a problem nevertheless; Ruben is one of those signings that gets to the route at some of the things the Dutch Lions attempt to do. As the Dutch Lions entice some Dutch players with extracurriculars (youth training experience, Sports Management degree) into a multi-year contract to do their bidding on and off the field. Luckily for Ruben and the Dutch Lions, Ruben van de Water has both youth training, a Sports Management degree, and on-the-field talent and experience in his resume.

Furthermore, Ruben comes to America as a multi-purpose deal as his girlfriend will make the trip with him and she has some business talent and will help out the Dutch Lions as well. It's very interesting how the Dutch Lions are not only looking for players who help them win on the field, but also help them win off the field in their front office. Some of the Dutch Lion players in 2011, just like in 2010, are multi-talented and will wear many hats in helping out the organization.

Ruben does however have talent on the pitch as well. The SC Enshede player (Dutch 3rd division) actually received a full ride to Xavier University (the alma mater of Dutch Lions owner Mike Mossel) in 2008. However, Ruben did not make the trip over because of family issues and believed that his chances at an adventure stateside were over.

Nevertheless, the Dutch Lions have fulfilled a "dream come true" and a second chance for Ruben according to de twenstche courant. Ruben has his American dream, and as the first Dutch signing in 2011 will fulfill many roles for the Dutch Lions in seasons to come.

Welcome to Dayton Ruben!

A second article from Voetbal.NL.
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