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Toronto FC Is Going Dutch "Ajax" Style With New Head Coach Winter, Bodes Well For Dayton Dutch Lions Partnership, Ent/Schwartz/Silooy Deals

In the past six months, the Dayton Dutch Lions of the USL-Pro league and Toronto F.C. of MLS have become well-acquianted with one another. In fact, it could be said that Toronto F.C. may be enamored with the Dutch style.. And even that this fascination started with meeting the Dutch Lion owners, Dutch Lion Head Coach Sonny Silooy, and watching the Dutch Lions in July and culminated in signing a Head Coach/Technical Director in Aron Winter today who is not much different at all from Dutch Lions former Head Coach Sonny Silooy.

Dayton Dutch Lion Opponent Included In "Cult Football" Book

In the footie book The Rough Guide to Cult Football there contains different sections on the pecularities and legendary figures of the world's game. Well, one player that actually played against the Dayton Dutch Lions was included in this new book underneath The Legends section. That was German goalkeeper Lutz Pfannenstiel. Last April, The 37 year old Pfannenstiel took time off from his new Nambian club- Ramblers FC (yes, I said Nambian club) to play against the Dayton Dutch Lions.

Former Head Coach Silooy, Former Right Back Schwartz Headed To MLS?

That's according to MLS-Rumors, as they first stated on Friday that Toronto F.C. was not only interested in Ent but the Dutch Lions whole right side from the 2010 season; both Ent and overlapping Dutch Lions right back Evan Schwartz.

Dutch Lions Seal Partnership With Top PDL Club Baton Rouge, May Have Deal Coming With TFC?

The Dayton Dutch Lions already have one sister club in Dutch champions F.C. Twente. The Dutch Lions might be going for the partnership treble this offseason... Yesterday the Dutch Lions announced a partnership with a very successful PDL club- the Baton Rouge Capitals. The Baton Rouge Capitals were founded in 2007, and have a strong English influence- with nearly all of their international spots taken up by English players similiar to how the Dutch Lions keep most of their international spots open for Dutch players.

Clarence Seedorf's Cousin Tries Out For Dutch Lions

One of the featured players by Radio Netherlands was Regillio Seedorf, newphew of famous Dutch, A.C. Milan player Clarence Seedorf. The 21 year old Regillio hasn't had as remarkable of a career as his cousin yet, with only stops in the Second Division of Belgium and the Netherlands. But, with a nice goal strike at the end of this video, who knows his career might take off stateside starting with the Dayton Dutch Lions

5/30/2010: Highlights From Dayton Dutch Lions 4-1 Victory Over Kalamazoo

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The Dutch Lions squad celebrates the opener by Bret Jones in the 9th minute to put the Dutch Lions up 1-0, on the way to a 4-1 victory.

Here are highlights of the goals, red cards, and other opportunities in the Dayton Dutch Lions 4-1 victory against the Kalamazoo Outrage. The victory qualifies the Dayton Dutch Lions for the U.S. Open Cup as representative from the Great Lakes Division:

There will be some interviews up later as well as some post game celebration video.


5/28/2010: Video Highlights For Dutch Lions vs. Indiana Invaders

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Here's some highlight footage from the scoreless draw:


5/27/2010: Footage From The Orange Legion vs. Indiana Invaders

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5/27/2010: U.S. Open Cup Qualifying Analysis After 3 Qualifying Games

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After the Dutch Lions vs. Indiana Invaders uninspiring 0-0 draw last night, the Dutch Lions are still in the top position to qualify as they're the only American squad in the Great Lakes Division that is still currently undefeated. They're also co-leading on goal differential with the Michigan Bucks (+4) and are two goals in front of the Chicago Fire (+2). If the Dutch Lions win this Saturday in Kalamazoo then their in with 10 points. However, if the Dutch Lions tie or lose against bottom of the table Kalamazoo this Saturday then the scenario gets much more dicey.

If the Dutch Lions tie in Kalamazoo, they would finish the four qualifying games with 8 points. There are only two other teams that can beat that mark in the Chicago Fire and Michigan Bucks who both have a possibility with a win in their last game to gain 9 points total. The Indiana Invaders tie last night eliminated them from contention for the most part (as despite the above, now the Invaders can only gain a total of 7 points). For the other two teams with an outside shot, the Michigan Bucks play their last game against the tricky Cincinnati Kings who have tied the Dutch Lions and defeated the Chicago Fire PDL team in Chicago; while the Chicago Fire wrap up the qualifiers against the Cleveland Internationals. Both the Bucks and the Fire will be the favorites in those games. Therefore, the Dutch Lions need to concentrate on wrapping up the qualifying schedule with a victory in Kalamazoo.

But, if the Dutch Lions do tie, then with a victory the Bucks or the Fire will surpass them. However, if either of those two teams tie or loses, and we tie then the Dutch Lions will be in. The Bucks will be at home against the Kings; while the Fire have a long away trip to Cleveland.

If the Dutch Lions lose to Kalamazoo then they'll finish with 7 points and will need a lot of help from the Cincinnati Kings and Cleveland Internationals, namely victories from those two sides against the Bucks and Fire respectively. But, if the Dutch Lions lose and both the Bucks and the Fire tie then the Bucks would get in at a +4 goal differential compared to a +3 (or however many goals the Dutch Lions would get beat in a loss).

Overall, the chances of both favorites, Bucks and the Fire, both losing or tying probably isn't that good. There is a chance that one of them can have a result similiar to the result the Chicago Fire had at home against the Cincinnati Kings but both is stretching it. And, if one of those two teams gets a win this weekend and the Dutch Lions tie or lose then the Lions will be surpassed for the Open Cup spot.

So in conclusion the Dutch Lions just got to win. As any dropped points against bottom of the table Kalamazoo will make it difficult for the Lions to fault anyone but themselves for not getting in.


5/26/2010: Some Banner Pics From Last Night

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5/25/2010: Cincinnati Kings Defeat Chicago Fire PDL 2-1!

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The sneaky Cincinnati Kings have given the Dayton Dutch Lions a bit of a gift by upsetting tonight the only other undefeated Great Lakes Division squad. The Kings surprised the Chicago Fire of the PDL with a 2-1 victory in Bridgeview, Illnois tonight. With the Kings victory the Dutch Lions are the only undefeated squad at the moment in the PDL Great Lakes Division. Therefore, the U.S. Open Cup spot for the Dutch Lions is only there for the Dutch Lions to win or lose.


5/25/2010: Dutch Lions vs. Indiana Invaders Preview

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The Dutch Lions over the weekend won a physical contest against the Michigan Bucks in Michigan, now the Lions turn their sights back to their orange den (Miami Valley South Stadium) for a contest against the Indiana Invaders on Wednesday, May 26th at 7 p.m.. The Dutch Lions may have expected the Michigan Bucks to be their toughest opponent in the Dutch Lions early season/Open Cup qualifying schedule, but the Lions cannot overlook the Indiana Invaders who've had a strong start to their season as well. As the Invaders squad has split their two results so far this season with a 2-1 away win against the Cincinnati Kings (who the Dutch Lions tied to start the season) and a 1-0 nail biting, home defeat against the PDL Chicago Fire. The PDL Chicago Fire also appear to be the Lions toughest competitor for the Great Lakes Division's Open Cup spot which makes the Indiana Invaders nail biter (decided on a penalty kick) against the Fire even more impressive (for more breakdown on the Open Cup race, click here). Therefore, looking at the Invaders results so far this season, the Dutch Lions must be geared up for another battle tomorrow night.

The Dayton Dutch Lions are also hoping that their loyal fans will be pumped up as well considering the squad is halfway to their first goal which consists of a Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup spot. The Dutch Lions want a good, boisterous crowd tomorrow that will carry the boys to victory; as Indiana and possibly even Kalamazoo both look to be stiffer tests for the Lions than the two teams that Chicago still has to play (Cincinnati and Cleveland).

Head Coach Sonny Silooy last night on the game against the Indiana Invaders:
"I expect this to be one of our tougher games of the season. The team is getting better and better. But the pressure is on us to win at home and to be the best because were the Dutch Lions."

This was also the consensus in interviews with four Dutch Lion players with WDTN Channel 2 NBC last night, link here. As the players said that the team is getting better and better but that the Dutch Lions will not be underestimating the Indiana Invaders.

Also expect the Dutch Lions to come out and press the whole game because if the Dutch Lions win all four of their games and the PDL Chicago Fire win all four of theirs as well then the team with the greater goal differential will be invited to the U.S. Open Cup. Currently, the Dutch Lions (+4) lead the PDL Chicago Fire (+3) on goal differential.

Many different groups have been invited to tomorrow's game for free as a part of Chipotle Group Night, to see if you have been invited or can still be included check out the following link.

Go Lions!


5/25/2010: Internship Credits or Free Merchandise- Videotaping Our Home Games, Starting Tomorrow

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I'm looking for someone that is passionate about filming and media to help out and film our games on game day as I cannot run the supporters and film simulteanously. This would be a perfect opportunity for any individual looking to get ahead in media production, film school, filming, etc. We need the video to be as close as in the game from the Michigan Bucks below:

Were looking for a reliable individual who can make it out to most of the games. If you have an interest in helping out for fun, for some free merchandise, or for credit hours for an internship, email me at



5/25/2010: Dutch Lions On WDTN NBC News

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Here's some interviews from last night's Open House:


5/25/2010: Banner Making Tonight Switched To 5:30 For USA World Cup Warmup

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Because of the U.S.A. National team World Cup warmup against the Czech Republic tonight at 7:30, we'll have our banner making at 5:30 tonight (instead of the usual 6:30) and make our banners in two hours. The address of the place where we are making the banners is at 4123 N. Linda Dr. in Bellbrook, Ohio. We'll have beer and maybe some pizza. Mapquest it from your location!


5/25/2010: Highlights from Dutch Lions v. Michigan Bucks Game

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The Dutch Lions celebrate Bret Jones's goal in the 51st minute.


5/24/2010: Free Orange Legion and Discounted Crew Supporters Ticket Vouchers For Wednesday

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As a part of Chipotle Group Night there will be free tickets for those Orange Legion supporters who have showed up strong on the far side of the stadium all season and also there will be discounted $4 dollar tickets for Crew supporters of the Nordecke, as we would like them to join us when a Crew game isn't going on and vice-versa. In a way it would be sort of an information sharing sort of thing between supporters, just as the Dutch Lions and the Crew have an information sharing relationship between their teams.

Ticket voucher directions:
1. Email us at If we know you from the Orange Legion or the Nordecke you'll get the discount right away, if we don't know you, you'll have to give us some details about your interest in standing with us and you'll need to stand on our side with us. We reserve the right to deny anyone just trying to get some free tickets with no interest in supporting the team in our way.
2. From this I'll make a list of names for both Orange Legion supporters and Nordecke supporters and leave it at the main ticket booth.
3. At the game, you'll have to print out the correct ticket voucher (either Orange Legion or Nordecke voucher) and present valid identification where this will be matched to the list. Make sure to get there by 6:45 or earlier as I'll likely take care of most of this at the gate and I cannot guarentee that others will let you in with the vouchers. After 6:45 I'll likely be in the section.
4. Have fun.


Orange Legion supporters voucher:

Nordecke/Crew supporters voucher:

Print, cut out, and present at gate with identification.


5/23/2010: Video- Dutch Lions on Fox Soccer Channel's USL Breakaway

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Dutch Lions owner Mike Mossel interviewed by Fox Soccer Channel for USL Breakaway. Video below.


5/21/2010: Dutch Lions vs. Michigan Bucks Preview

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Saturday's game between the Dayton Dutch Lions and the Michigan Bucks should be a knock out, drag out battle for both clubs with the winner having one of the better chances to qualify for the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup from the Great Lakes Division. The Dutch Lions have the best offensive firepower in the Great Lakes Division while the Michigan Bucks are loaded with young American talent such as Akron's Zarek Valentin, former Crew academy's Chad Barson & Ben Speas, Wake Forest's Andy Lubahn, and Akron's Kofie Sarkodie. Luckily for the Dutch Lions, the Michigan Bucks will be missing three of these young American stars in their defensive backline. The Bucks will be without Valentin, Barson, and Sarkodie as all three will be playing for the U.S. in a U-20 Tournament taking place oddly enough in Holland (The Cor Groenewegan Tournament).

Valentin, Barson, and Sarkodie all played in the Michigan Bucks backline against the Internationals and all three were pivotal in shutting out Cleveland in their away game at Cleveland Wednesday night. Michigan won their game 3-0 against the Cleveland Internationals just like the Dutch Lions won their game 3-0 against the same team the previous Saturday. However, both teams won in a different fashion against the Internationals; as the Michigan Bucks came out and got all three goals in the first half and then stepped off the pedal in the second half whereas the Dutch Lions got one goal in the first half and two goals in the second half against the Internationals.

Here is what Michigan Bucks Head Coach Gary Parsons had to say about his team's result against the Internationals on Wednesday:
“I am happy with the result, but I had hoped we would do some things better as a unit. That is hard to expect seeing that we have only been together two weeks, but we should be farther along defensively. Our plan defensively was to shut down (Cleveland) on the counter attack.”

“We did some good things in that last twenty minutes of the first half and then came out flat in the second half,” added Parsons. “This is something we need to address before Saturday. We have to maintain the intensity to keep teams from getting back in the game.”

On the Dutch Lions side of the ball, defensive midfielder Bruce Godvliet had to say the following about their game against the Internationals and what the Lions still need to do to improve:

"The previous week the organization was not that good, last week against the Internationals the defense was standing much more better. When the organization is good we will have less chances against us."

"Up front were one of the best teams in the league, so when we play with a zero in defense we'll always win the match. So we look to do that better every game and on Saturday."

The Dutch Lions will look to combine their injury free squad and opportune absences for the Bucks defense as a formula for their first away win. Nevertheless, the Bucks on the road will still be the toughest step (important absences on defense or not) towards Dutch Lion qualification for the U.S. Open Cup.

A game report will be up after the game on our website. Also their will be video highlights up sometime on Sunday.


5/20/2010: Next Banner Making Session Next Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

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We took a break this week from banner making since we didn't have a game on Saturday. We'll start back up with more banners next week on Tuesday, May 25th at 6:30 p.m. The address of the place where we are making the banners is at 4123 N. Linda Dr. in Bellbrook, Ohio. We'll have beer and maybe some pizza. Mapquest it from your location!


5/19/2010: Chipotle Group Night Details For Next Wednesday's Game on May 26th at 7:30 p.m.

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Come out for Chipotle Group Night! First 500 people get a free Chipotle taco! Orange Legion supporters and those who are under 16 that belong to rec centers, fitness clubs, Scouts of America and YMCA's will all get into the next Wednesday game for free with valid membership. There will also be $4 tickets for Crew supporters. More details to follow on the website.


5/19/2010: Dutch Lions Practice Video

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A report from today's practice with quotes about the improvement against the Cleveland Internationals:


5/19/2010: Banner Making Session Details

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I'm going out to get a practice report now. But, I'll have details of the next banner making session which will either be Thursday night or next Tuesday night later on in the day, along with other bullet points. Cheers


5/18/2010: Pictures From Orange Legion Vs. Internationals

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5/18/2010: Supporters Tickets Free For Orange Legion, Discounted For Crew Fans For Next Wednesday

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The Orange Legion is getting their tickets for free on the Wednesday game on May 26th. We'll also have discounted tickets for $4 dollars for Crew fans of the Nordecke (or any Crew fans) for this game if they want to sit in The Orange Legion; As Columbus does not have a game that Wednesday. I'm working on a voucher for Orange Legion fans that will be on this website or forum. I'll also post something in the Crew's Bigsoccer Forum or on my Crew website.

I may also just do this by email, to make sure that these are only people looking to create an atmosphere in our section. So, if you want a free or discounted ticket, hit up my email right away at or look around for a voucher on here or bigsoccer that you can print.


5/17/2010: Footage From The Orange Legion v. The Internationals

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5/17/2010: Quoteables From Dutch Lions 3-0 Saturday Win

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Dutch Lions celebrate their first goal by Julius Wille in the first half. The goal was Wille's second of the season as he leads the team with two goals (Picture by Jacq Roos).

Quoteables from the Dayton Daily News article by David DiCenzo:

Sonny Silooy-

“We’re making progress. That’s the most positive thing. We needed the three points. We are the famous Dutch Lions and the pressure is on us.”

“It was better than last week. We had a lot of pressure in the first half. We could have scored five.”

Bas Ent:

“Some things went well but I think we can play so much better. It will be better when we play more and develop as a team.”


5/17/2010: Dutch Lions v. Internationals Highlights

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These are highlights mainly from the second half. Had some transfer difficulties with the first goal that were working on. Should have some complete highlights up on the main website sometime tomorrow. Just wanted to give everyone something to look at as most of the action and two of the goals were in the second half:


5/17/2010: Working On A Free Supporters Group Night

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The Orange Legion may have a free supporters night for the next home game on Wednesday, May 26th against the Indiana Invaders. From what I heard it shouldn't be a problem since we have also done some giveaways for kids and midweek games are a tougher sale. If so I'll have a voucher on here that can be printed out. I'll have more information after tomorrow's office meeting, the information will be in The Orange Legion's weekly updates and email list.


5/15/2010: Dutch Lions Office Open House May 24th

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Were having an open house at our office at 1212 E. Stroop in Kettering, OH on Monday, May 24th 6 to 8:30 p.m. There those interested in the Dutch Lions academy and camps can take a tour of our office and meet coaches, owners, and Dutch Lion players. For more information click the picture below.


5/14/2010: Dutch Lions Will Be On USL Breakaway On Fox Soccer Channel May 23rd at 4 p.m. & Other News

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**Check out Fox Soccer Channel on the Sunday before the Dutch Lions Wednesday home game that week, at 4 p.m. on May 23rd. A good portion of USL's show "USL Breakaway" will highlight the Dayton Dutch Lions in that episode. Click here for more information.

**Here's a breakdown of tomorrow's game by Dayton's Soccer Examiner at Doug Myers, click here for his breakdown.


5/14/2010: Orange Legion Supporters Deals & Other Updates

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**I'm trying to work out some deals. We have a few fans in our Orange Legion who are going to Crew games because they already have half game packs with them. But, the Chivas game is a game where you can switch it out for another date with the Crew. So, we offered some Dayton fans free tickets if they're rowdy and will sit in the Orange Legion section this week instead. I've given away 8, I can give out a few more, as I'm trying to get people in that section to see how much fun it is and then they'll hopefully stick around. If your rowdy or debating on which game to go to, I have the authority to give out a few more. Contact me at

**Also, our next home game is a Wednesday game on May 26th at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday games are a tougher sale than weekend games for any team. So, I'm floating the idea of a free supporters or extremely discounted ticket for supporters in The Orange Legion for that game. The team has done this with some kid's groups, so I also want to do it for the crowd we have over there for one game to get people in there. I'll likely make a voucher to put on my website or forum that Orange Legion supporters can print out and present at the ticket booth, as I just want rowdy fans over there.

**We will have 6 two stick banners and a banner behind the section as well. I also have about 10 light & safe smoke bombs that we may light all at the same time when the Dutch Lions score.

**I made a flier for us. I can't get it out to everyone with free printing today. But, we'll put them up starting next Monday (about 5-10 of us will do this) at bars around town and other places where college types hang out. I figure this along with the possibility of free or discounted tickets for the supporters for the Wednesday game should help us out tremendously. Better weather for this week will too!

**Also we got a rowdy group of 8 this week with an extra drum (the guys on the drums in the first video too) and a group of 6 Dutch pilots that should get us bouncing over there this week. I hope for a group of 50, heck even more would be better this week; as this is a very important game as our first U.S. Open Cup qualifier.

**I'm also looking for a deal for our supporters on scarves. Supporters in the Orange Legion will get scarves for $12 bucks instead of $15. This is because I want and the management wants the Legion to hold up their scarves when the team comes over for an ovation after the game.

Go Lions! Cheers


5/13/2010: Cool Pictures From School Visits & More Info On School Visits

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These were from Global United weekend when the team visited Incarnation, but I just saw them in a player's facebook and thought they were really cool:

The Dutch Lions have been to many schools around the area to teach kids the importance of healthy eating and fitness, as well as some soccer tricks. As a result of all the schools being so welcoming and open to invite the club, the club has decided to invite them all back to the game for Free this Saturday, May 15th against the Cleveland Internationals. There will be a competition at half time and the school with the largest attendance will have the entire squad of 24 players visit their school. Usually two have only been able to visit because of practice, and the most was 6 or 7 for the above Global United weekend.

The list of the schools already invited are at the following link, click here. To still get invited contact


5/13/2010: Dutch Lion Players & Dayton Bud Girls Event At Fox & Hound Tomorrow At 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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Start your Friday night off the right way tomorrow night from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. with the Dutch Lions and the Dayton Bud Girls!

Three Dayton Dutch Lion players will be at The Fox and Hound Tomorrow at the Fairfield Commons off of exit 17 on I-675, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., with the Dayton Bud Girls to hang out. The Dayton Dutch Lion players will be having contests to give out free tickets and other promotional items, and the Dayton Bud Girls will be having some give aways as well. Stop by, say hi, and take a picture with the Dutch Lion players and the Dayton Bud Girls!



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