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Toronto FC Is Going Dutch "Ajax" Style With New Head Coach Winter, Bodes Well For Dayton Dutch Lions Partnership, Ent/Schwartz/Silooy Deals

In the past six months, the Dayton Dutch Lions of the USL-Pro league and Toronto F.C. of MLS have become well-acquianted with one another. In fact, it could be said that Toronto F.C. may be enamored with the Dutch style.. And even that this fascination started with meeting the Dutch Lion owners, Dutch Lion Head Coach Sonny Silooy, and watching the Dutch Lions in July and culminated in signing a Head Coach/Technical Director in Aron Winter today who is not much different at all from Dutch Lions former Head Coach Sonny Silooy.

Dayton Dutch Lion Opponent Included In "Cult Football" Book

In the footie book The Rough Guide to Cult Football there contains different sections on the pecularities and legendary figures of the world's game. Well, one player that actually played against the Dayton Dutch Lions was included in this new book underneath The Legends section. That was German goalkeeper Lutz Pfannenstiel. Last April, The 37 year old Pfannenstiel took time off from his new Nambian club- Ramblers FC (yes, I said Nambian club) to play against the Dayton Dutch Lions.

Former Head Coach Silooy, Former Right Back Schwartz Headed To MLS?

That's according to MLS-Rumors, as they first stated on Friday that Toronto F.C. was not only interested in Ent but the Dutch Lions whole right side from the 2010 season; both Ent and overlapping Dutch Lions right back Evan Schwartz.

Dutch Lions Seal Partnership With Top PDL Club Baton Rouge, May Have Deal Coming With TFC?

The Dayton Dutch Lions already have one sister club in Dutch champions F.C. Twente. The Dutch Lions might be going for the partnership treble this offseason... Yesterday the Dutch Lions announced a partnership with a very successful PDL club- the Baton Rouge Capitals. The Baton Rouge Capitals were founded in 2007, and have a strong English influence- with nearly all of their international spots taken up by English players similiar to how the Dutch Lions keep most of their international spots open for Dutch players.

Clarence Seedorf's Cousin Tries Out For Dutch Lions

One of the featured players by Radio Netherlands was Regillio Seedorf, newphew of famous Dutch, A.C. Milan player Clarence Seedorf. The 21 year old Regillio hasn't had as remarkable of a career as his cousin yet, with only stops in the Second Division of Belgium and the Netherlands. But, with a nice goal strike at the end of this video, who knows his career might take off stateside starting with the Dayton Dutch Lions

3/31/2010: American Soccer Legend Thomas Dooley To Compete Against DDL F.C. For Global United

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Thomas Dooley played for many top clubs in Germany such as Kaiserslautern, Bayern Leverkusen, and Schalke 04. Dooley also played for the U.S. National Team 81 times throughout the 1990's as well as for the Columbus Crew 73 times between 1997 & 2000. Now Dooley will face off against the Dayton Dutch Lions on April 30th for the Global United game.

Dooley, at 48 years of age, is by all means the oldest player on the Global United roster compared to his teammates, who for the most part have just recently retired. But, Dooley is still a competitor, one of the better players in American soccer history, and a defender who may try to go forward and put together a goal scoring opportunity or two, such as these:

Thomas Dooley played every minute in the 1994 and 1998 World Cups for the United States. In 1994 he was a part of the feel good USA side who made it to the knockout rounds and gracefully bowed out 1-0 to Brazil. In 1998 Dooley captained the side which, despite higher expectations than the 1994 group, lost all three of their group games, most embarrassingly losing to Iran 2-1. Starting the odd chain since 1994 where the USA has one good World Cup (94), followed by a bad one (98), followed by a good one (2002), followed by a bad one (2006), which means were due as a nation for a good showing this Summer in 2010.

Overall, Dooley has played in 474 professional games scoring a surprising 54 goals for a defender. Dooley also has played 81 international games scoring 7 goals for the USA. Dooley retired in 2001 after his final season in the MLS with the Metrostars.

Dooley during 94' and 98' National Anthems:


3/31/2010: What is the United Soccer Leagues?

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The Dayton Dutch Lions will be competing in the Premier Development League of the United Soccer Leagues. What are the United Soccer Leagues? We will be featuring a series on the USL going into detail on the Premier Development League and each conference as we lead up to the season.

From it's humble beginnings in 1986 as the Southwest Indoor Soccer League, the United Soccer Leagues, USL, is America's largest organization of elite-level soccer leagues.

The United Soccer Leagues and Major League Soccer are both members of the United States Soccer Federation, USSF. More commonly known as US Soccer, the USSF is the governing body of soccer in the United States. MLS represents the highest level of professional soccer in the US and is considered the "First" Division, or top, level of play.

The USL is comprised of six different member leagues representing the lower levels of men's and women's professional soccer; as well as, youth soccer. The USL First Division, USL-1, is the highest level of play within the USL and is the professional second division within US Soccer. The USL Second Division, USL-2, is the professional third division of soccer in the United States. The Premier Development League, PDL, represents the fourth and lowest division of professional soccer in the US. On the women's side, the professional first division is the Women's Professional Soccer, and the USL W-League represents the second division of women's professional soccer.

Rounding out the USL, are the amateur levels consisting of the Super 20-League and the Super Y-League. The Super 20-League consists of some of the top 17-20 year old men and women in the US and Canada. The Super Y-League is a top-level youth academy system for U13-U17 boys and girls designed to feed the higher levels of US and international soccer.


3/30/2010: Questions? Ideas? Something You Want To See On The Website? Contact Us By Email

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For some reason it took me forever to register an email address connected to this website. You can now drop The Orange Legionnaire an email at By the way, we will be having a writer or two joining up here soon to bring the Dutch Lions fans more articles. If you have an interest in writing, or ideas, thoughts, or ways to partner with this website shoot us an email at

When this article gets buried in a few weeks, you can easily contact us by clicking on the contact button on the scroll bars above.



3/30/2010: The Dayton Dutch Lions And The PDL Four Game Playoff To Qualify For This Year's U.S. Open Cup

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The Reading F.C. of England partner club, Ocean City Barons F.C., and their goalkeeper Tunde Ogunbiyi (pictured above) were the PDL team to make it the furthest in 2009's Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup winning $10,000 dollars.

Unlike the rest of the world where you usually qualify for the Europa Cup or UEFA Champions League based on winning or being near the top of your league the previous season. And unlike MLS teams who qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League based on how their perspective club places the previous season. In the PDL, whether or not you make the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup depends upon your form in the first four games of your season. That's right, the first four games! So, if you come out of the gates well and string together four wins you qualify for the U.S. Open Cup and if you trip up and lose one game out of the gates you lose out on a chance to win $10,000 to $100,000 bucks for your club.

This can be a big deal for any PDL club, as the PDL club that gets the furthest in the competition is guarenteed $10,000 dollars. Which can be the difference for some clubs between being in the green and being in the red come the end of the season. This is also a big deal for the Dayton Dutch Lions because what better way for our Dutch Lions to get their name out there from the get go, in the American soccer world, then to go toe-to-toe against some of the top Major League Soccer clubs. But, this different and entirely unique way of qualifying for PDL teams makes it crucial for the Dayton Dutch Lions (both their Dutch and American players) to get on the same page right away. Because usually only PDL teams with a 4-0 record or a 3-0-1 record in their first four games of the season get a spot in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. That's why the first four games are not just four regular season games, but almost a playoff with the other eight teams in your division for a spot in the U.S. Open Cup which has been contested since 1914 between all US Soccer clubs. The U.S. Open Cup was first won by historic clubs such as Bethlehem Steel and the Falls River Marksmen and was last won in 2009 by the Seattle Sounders of MLS.

Last year the eight PDL teams to get a spot were the Chicago Fire (PDL), the Kitsap Pumas, Mississippi Brilla, El Paso Patriots, Ocean City Barons, Orange County Blue Star, Reading Rage, and St. Louis Lions. There are eight divisions in the PDL so basically the eight teams at the top of their division after four games last season were handed a spot in the U.S. Open Cup. Out of these eight teams the Ocean City Barons went the furthest in 2009 by knocking off two USL-2 sides in Crystal Palace Baltimore and the Real Maryland Monarchs. As a result the Ocean City Barons were awarded $10,000 dollars for getting the farthest out of any PDL teams even though they lost to D.C. United in the third round (who eventually went on to be runner-ups to the Seattle Sounders and won $50,000). To take a look at the 2009 U.S. Open Cup bracket click here or on the image below:

For the Dayton Dutch Lions everything should be in place for them to qualify for the U.S. Open Cup as three of their first four games in the Great Lakes Division are at home. Further, three out of the first four teams they play (Cincinnati Kings, Cleveland Internationals, Indiana Invaders) all had losing records in the Great Lakes Division in 2009. The team they play with the best record in 2009, the Michigan Bucks, ended up with an 8-5-3 record which was good for fourth place in the Great Lakes Division in 2009. Therefore, the Dayton Dutch Lions May 22nd game away at the Michigan Bucks will likely be their toughest contest to ensure their spot in the U.S. Open Cup. However, if the Dayton Dutch Lions can get a positive result in that contest they should have a good chance of getting in and attempting to make an Ocean City Barons run in the U.S. Open Cup in 2010. The winner of the U.S. Open Cup in 2010 will also get an invite to the 2011 Concacaf Champions League.

So, what do you think the Dayton Dutch Lions chances are of making and advancing in this year's 2010 U.S. Open Cup, talk about it here.


3/28/2010: Dutch Lions Owner & Player Will Be On Holland Sport Monday

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Dayton Dutch Lions owner Erik Tammer and star player Geert Den Ouden will appear on a nationally televised Holland sport program Monday night. The program is called conveniently Holland Sport and is hosted by television personalities Wilfried de Jong and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. The Holland Sport program for Monday is a past and present look at Dutch players that played in America; with the past being a look at players from the North American Soccer League's glory days to a cut to the present with the Dayton Dutch Lions move to America.

Here is a program that Holland Sport did on NCAA Lacrosse:

The Dutch Lions website will have a video of the program on their website some time mid-week.


3/25/2010: Orange Legionnaire Interview With DDL F.C. Right Back Evan Schwartz

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The following is the interview with DDL F.C. Right Back Evan Schwartz. In this discussion The Orange Legionnaire talks to Evan about what he hopes to achieve with the Dutch Lions, his past experience with clubs in Iceland and elsewhere in Europe, his youth experience with the IMG Academy and elsewhere, and some get to know you questions as well.

To listen to the podcast click on the player below:

Or visit the Orange Legionnaire Podcast Page by clicking here.


3/25/2010: Supporters Meeting April 17th At Noon At The Pub

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I just got off the phone with the manager of the Pub, I confirmed a place at that location for 30 to 40 people for April 17th at Noon for the meeting. Of course if there are more people we can stand around the tables and etc. as I do not think it's too busy on a Saturday morning except for those watching the EPL. He said I could also call back and bump up the reservation number if I need a lot more seats. But, that all depends on how many fans are interested in being at the meeting.

I tried to work out some sort of beer deal. He said that usually those wearing a soccer jersey get money off beer on Saturday mornings and etc., but didn't say anything outright on that. I'll take another run at maybe getting a cheap beer or two for the meeting when I'm back in Dayton. Also, I'll work on confirming some players to come out to the meeting and maybe some owners or at least front office types so the supporters can be on the same page from the get go with the front office.

Anyways, let me know if you can make it in the Supporters Meeting Issues thread. So I know if we need a lot more seats or not. Also, start pulling together ideas on chants and banners because we need to have some down before the first game on April 30th.


By the way, I'll throw up some directions on the place later today if any supporters do not know the location.


3/24/2010: Orange Legionnaire Updates- Podcast Tomorrow At 2 P.M., Supporters Meeting, And Etc.

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Evan Schwartz (far left) celebrating a victory with teammates for Icelandic club Bredablik last season. The Orange Legionnaire will have a discussion with the Dayton Dutch Lion right back on his thoughts on the upcoming season at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

** I'm working on getting together a second podcast, this interview will be with Dayton Dutch Lion right back Evan Schwartz. I'm going to talk to Evan around 2 p.m. tomorrow, so that podcast should be up early tomorrow night around 5 p.m. Evan has quite an interesting story as he played in Iceland last year and also played with some of the top American players at the well-regarded American IMG Academy. Therefore, should be worth a listen.

** I'm finally pooling together contacts of some of the supporters who are really interested in being a part of the Orange Legion supporters section this season. I'm hopefully going to get mostly everything settled on the Supporters Meeting by the end of this week. I should have a date and time for The Supporters Meeting soon. I'm calling the Pub tomorrow about what date would be best and still working on specials for the meeting. The Supporters Meeting will likely be pushed back to either April 10th or the 17th at noon or 1 p.m., both are on Saturday's. I'm trying to get a few players to make an appearance and maybe have them give away a signed shirt or something. Because I wanted to try to involve some players, I had to push things back since most are not in town until the 12th or a little before that. Also, I haven't been able to lock everything down as I'm getting everything situated to move to Dayton permanently myself. So, once I get back in the beginning of April I can try to get together some players to come out for the meeting and maybe an owner. Anyways, hopefully when I get back in town that should be enough time to spread the word out to all Dutch Lion fans interested in attending. That's why I'm leaning towards the 17th, just to make sure the meeting is productive as possible with as many supporters as possible, I promise it will be no later. Then at this meeting we can look to schedule monthly meetings, just with Orange Legion supporters (not the players and etc.) so we can continue to pull together ideas.

I'm looking for this meeting to be a way for those interested in being a part of the Orange Legion to introduce themselves to each other. At the meeting we can start to share ideas about chants and where we could possibly create some banners for the April 30th game. If someone has a warehouse or a nice-sized garage where we can get together and make some banner displays for the section that would be great. Also, we'll talk about our stadium location and other topics.

**HELP WELCOME ON THE ORANGE LEGIONNAIRE- If any other fans want to write about the team on here there more than welcome to, as long as you can keep it civil on here your more than welcome to write.

Also, if anyone has any photography skills. It would be pretty clutch to have an Orange Legion fan that could take pictures of the supporters section and the action, so that we could throw it up on here afterwards.

I'm going to throw up a thread in the Orange Legionnaire Forum, so if you want to help in either endeavor click here.


3/22/2010: Nigerian Sunday Oliseh & American Tony Sanneh Will Also Face Off Against DDL F.C.

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Sunday Oliseh and Tony Sanneh will join the Global United squad to open up against the Dayton Dutch Lions on April 30th. The 35 year old Oliseh has 63 national caps with Nigeria with four goals and playing experience with such clubs as Ajax, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, and Reggiana. Oliseh's defining moment of his career was his winning goal against Spain in the 1998 World Cup:

Tony Sanneh is a well known American player. The 38 year old, right back defined his career with such clubs as FC Nurnberg, Hertha BSC, and D.C. United. Sanneh played last season for the Los Angeles Galaxy; During Sanneh's time there the Galaxy made it to the MLS Cup with David Beckham and Landon Donovan. Sanneh also played for the USA National Team receiving 43 national caps and slotting home 3 goals. Sanneh was one of the best players during the USA's strongest World Cup run in 2002 as Sanneh played every minute of those games. Here's a goal from Sanneh during his time with the Columbus Crew:

Sunday and Tony add 106 international caps to a team already with 236 with Bobic, Sa Pinto, and company.


3/20/2010: Global United Stars To Face Off Against DDL F.C. Already Have 236 International Caps Between Them

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Only four players in and already 236 International Caps on the Global United squad to face off against the Dayton Dutch Lions in their first game on April 30th to open Bellbrook Stadium. I would not be surprised if the entire Global United squad reaches the 1,000 international caps mark when all is said and done. Here is some information and videos on the players already signed up to face off against the Dayton Dutch Lions on April 30th. You can see these international stars in action as well as your home side on April 30th for only $10 bucks for adults and $7 bucks for children, click here for more ticketing info.

Fernando Couto- Centerback- Born in Espinho, Portugal
110 international appearances for Portugal with 8 goals, Euro 2004 Portuguese Captain

Couto played for some of the biggest teams in various countries; Couto played for the biggest team in Portugal- FC Porto, he played for the biggest team in Spain- FC Barcelona, and he also played for Lazio and Parma in Italy. To go with his Serie A and La Liga experience of nearly 400 total caps, Couto also hit the astonishing 100 cap mark with Portugal with 110 caps and 8 goals. As Captain of Portugal, Couto's side were runner ups in the 2004 European Championship.

Couto played his last game in 2008 for Parma, this meant that Couto had a professional career that spanned over 20 years.

Fredi Bobic- Striker- Born in Maribor, Slovenia
37 appearances for German National Team (10 goals)

Bobic was a prolific goalscorer in the Bundesliga in the 90's and 2000's. Overall, Bobic had 301 appearances in the Bundesliga with 112 goals for VFB Stuggart, Borussia Dortmund, Hannover 96, and Hertha BSC. Bobic also made 15 appearances with 4 goals in 2002 for the Bolton Wanderers of the English Premier League. Bobic currently is employed in Bulgaria, working as the General Manager of First Division side Chernomorets Burgas.

In 1996, Bobic was a European Champion with Germany.

Ricardo Sa Pinto- Forward- Born in Porto, Portugal
45 International Appearances For Portugal, 10 goals

Sa Pinto played in Portugal for Sporting Club of Portugal, Real Sociedad in Spain, and lastly with Standard Liege in Belgium. Over his career Sa Pinto had 59 goals in 322 appearances. The stocky and fiery 5'10 forward missed out on his dream to play in a World Cup for Portugal in 2002 because of an injury and finished out his career in 2007.

Dimas Teixeira- Leftback- Born in Johannesburg, South Africa
44 caps with Portuguese National Team

Dimas had 304 caps and 21 goals during his career with top clubs such as Vitória Guimarães, Benfica, Juventus, Fenerbahçe, Standard Liège, Sporting CP, and Marseille. Dimas also had 44 caps for the Portuguese National Team but never found the net for his national side. Dimas retired at a rather young age of 33 in 2002.


3/20/2010: DDL F.C. Sign Three From Second Tryout

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Alex Van der Sluijs - Forward
From Dayton, Ohio- Played for Wilmington College and the Cinncinati Kings

Was a three year starter for Wilmington College and a two-time forward of the year in the OAC with them. Van der Sluijs last collegiate season was in 2006 where he scored 15 goals and had 8 assists in 18 appearances for the Quakers. Van der Sluijs also played in the PDL in 2007 for the Cinncinati Kings and is currently the head coach of D-III side Defiance College.

Van der Sluijs impressed in the second tryouts by scoring a goal in the third game. With him and Steven McCarthy, the Dutch Lions probably have two of the most profilic goalscorers in the OAC over the last five years.

The Van der Sluijs family with Alex on the roster and Derek Van der Sluijs as the Office Manager for the Dayton office, have quite a connection with the team.

Evan Schwartz - Right Back
Juno Beach, FL- Played for Bredablik in Iceland, IMG Academy

Is a right back with good speed who can get forward. Played last season with Bredablik in Iceland. Had 10 appearances with 3 goals over his two seasons in Iceland. Was in the IMG Academy and also has played against youth or academy teams such as Chelsea, Millwall, Sheffield United, PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord, Palmeiras, Sao Paolo, Curitiba, Atletico Paranaense, Pente Puerte, Flamengo, Corinthians and etc. Was wanted by a couple of USL-2 and USL-1 teams but decided to go with the Dutch Lions instead (likely because Tammer and Mossel have more connections in Europe).

I actually went with him and the owners after the second tryout to the Pub, good lad. Might try to get an interview with him going like I did with Kyle. Here's an interview with the main website though until then.

Brett Jones
Played with Crew Reserves, Cincinnati Kings, and FC Den Bosch in Holland - Went to Wright State University

I'm guessing that Brett Jones is this guy (scroll down to the U-12 coaches). If so, Jones was a first team player in Wright State's conference way back in 2002, he tried his luck overseas in Holland (which makes him more than likely the guy), then played for the Crew reserves in 2005 and the Cincinnati Kings from 2005 to 2007. Could be someone else, but this was the only guy online that made sense to me in this area.

If so, Jones would be the oldest American on the team at 29 years of age. He would also likely be offered some sort of role in the Dutch Lions youth academy based on his experience in the Crew Juniors Academy.


3/17/2010: The Dutch Italians, Worldwide Interest In DDL F.C. Opportunity

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According to Dutch Creative Idea Website, Idealize, the Dutch Lions have been getting a lot of text messages like the following; as there is interest worldwide to join the Dutch Lions:

Also, at Idealize (by clicking the above link), you can get a thorough walk through of the owners plan by taking the article to google translate. Does not translate perfectly but you can still get the gist of the idea.


3/17/2010: Hans Van De Haar & Other Dutch Lions Vids On Youtube

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Here is Hans van de Haar talking to the Dutch press about signing with DDL F.C. I assume. I have no clue what is being said here, but whatever it is I bet it is awesome:

And, here is a little comic relief as a local comedian talks about the new Dayton Dutch Lions team. The joke could be better, but any press is good press.


3/17/2010: Head Coach Sonny Silooy Expects DDL F.C. To Play For Championship and Eventually Open Cup

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Sonny Silooy told Dutch soccer website Voetbal Primeur recently that he excepts the Dutch Lions to win their region and play for the PDL championship in 2010. He also gave a breakdown of his responsibilities at DDL F.C.:

"In the summer I am responsible for the first team, starting in the PDL, the third level in America. If the competition is over (the competition lasts three months), I am mainly concerned with the training branch. The American youth."

"We want to mainly generate name recognition in the first year and do that mainly with the first team. With players like Hans van de Haar, Oscar Moens and Geert den Ouden we should play for the championship and we'll fit into the national cup competition."

One of the DDL F.C. ownership's many goals is to qualify for the 2011 U.S. Open Cup. If DDL F.C. does qualify they'll get the opportunity to test themselves against MLS clubs such as the Columbus Crew and Houston Dynamo.


3/16/2010: DDL F.C. Defender Kyle Segebart Interview

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The Orange Legionnaire discusses with Kyle his career before DDL F.C., his decision to go with the Dayton Dutch Lions over other PDL teams, how he somehow had a successful tryout while playing with a broken ankle, how Kyle learned about the tryout, what player is he most like or aspires to be like, his best moment as a fan of soccer, his musical tastes/playlist, his favorite supermodel, and finally his goals for the 2010 season with the Dayton Dutch Lions.

The overall podcast is pretty good but we really get rolling from the 8th minute on into some great stuff. Also, I find some of the stories of Kyle and some of the other American players that I have talked to even more interesting than the more broadcasted stories of the big time professionals because there are some crazy stories, some crazy traveling, and a real love of the game there. I'll try to hit more of these sort of stories with some of the other Dayton Dutch Lion players over the season.

Kyle was a good sport and a lot of fun to interview. So, here it is:

3/15/2010- Interview With DDL F.C. Defender Kyle Segebart

If you're looking to download these podcasts, click here.


3/15/2010: Chat With DDL F.C. Defender Kyle Segebart

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Opening up the Orange Legionnaire Podcast tonight with a chat with DDL F.C. defender Kyle Segebart

I'll have a podcast chat up at around 10 p.m. tonight with Dayton Dutch Lions F.C. local defender Kyle Segebart. Segebart is a local player from Cedarville, Ohio who went to and played for Northmont High School and also played for local Cedarville University. Segebart also played for Rio Grande University, Shorter College, and also the Cincinnati Kings of the PDL last season. Segebart was a defensive starter for the Kings last season and was a PDL player of the week before.

To get to know a little more about Kyle here's a good article on him from the Dayton Daily News.

I'll be looking to do these sort of chats with multiple players on the season so that the fans can get to know them a bit better. I'll be asking about their career before DDL F.C., what it feels like to play for DDL F.C., and some amusing questions such as if the fans had to do a chant after you, what would it be? I'm also looking into live chat possibilities in the future. So tune in.


3/15/2010: First Supporters Meeting

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Upcoming either between the 25th and 28th or 2nd through the 4th. To discuss where to make banners and how to (like above), chants, a supporters bar, possibly scarves, and other ideas and concerns.

I'm thinking that the best time for a supporters meeting will be the weekend of the 25th to the 28th or the weekend of the 2nd to 4th of April. I'm leaning more towards the 2nd to the 4th since Crew vs. Toronto FC is the 27th and I know a lot of our fans are Crew fans as well and that is a pretty intense rivalry game. Either way, either weekend gives us all about a month to prepare for the first game with banners and chants and etc. At this meeting we will discuss some ideas for chants, where we can meet up to make banners, different bars for the supporters to congregate, and other logistics and possible ticket and other deals with the supporters.

Just wanted to let everyone know that there will be a Supporters Meeting upcoming, so keep checking this website through the end of the week to get an exact date.

As well as being a supporter, I'm working with the team as an intern for my Sport Management grad degree, and I know the team is working out a deal to have the players come to The Pub after games. I'm going to contact The Pub about having some deals or possibly a free beer or something for the supporters meeting. We'll likely do that meeting there in the afternoon or early evening when the location is not that crowded. This does not mean The Pub will be the supporter group location before every game, instead we can discuss where we all want to hangout before games at this meeting and vote on it, be it The Pub or somewhere else.

Also, I know that a couple of Dutch players such as Bas Ent and Johan Wigger will be in town by next Monday, maybe I can get a few of the players out for a beer on the weekend as well for the supporters group meeting.

So, take your banner, chant, and other ideas, as well as other issues you want discussed at this meeting to The Orange Legionnaire Forum.


3/13/2010: Video Of The Second Tryout

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Here is some footage of the second tryout:

Quality of video could be a little better but at least you get an idea of what a tryout is like at DDL F.C.


3/13/2010: Breakdown of Second DDL F.C. Tryout

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Yours truly competed in the tryout mainly to get an idea about the players coming out for the club and because my fee was waived since I'm interning with the team. I figured what better way to report on the tryout then compete in it. I felt the nervousness, tension, butterflies, concerns about weather, and I shared conversations with teammates just like back in my playing days. I played D-3 and D-2 college soccer, as well as for a college in England, but that was a good three years ago and I have had too many beers and too little intense exercise in between. Hence, I was pretty good for the first five minutes of the two twenty-five minute halves but after that my lungs gave way and I stunk.

But, I got to find out about the players and about some of the guys that DDL F.C. might add from this tryout from having them running right at me. Overall there were over 50 players that attended this tryout. Some players were from around the area and others flew from Florida, drove from Wisconsin, drove from Chicago, and etc. I was especially intrigued that one player from Chicago drove to a St. Louis PDL tryout the previous week and then this one the next week. He had two long distance drives, had to pay for both tryouts, and was just rolling the dice for his chance at a dream. I had to admire that.

A good ammount of players had solid experience at colleges top levels. I talked and guarded a guy who currently plays for Notre Dame. I talked to him about his teammate Bright Dike currently with the Crew and then I had the joy of trying to guard a current D-I collegiate player. Lets just say most of the times he ran right by me and I had to try to American football tackle him. However, once, I got stuck in and stole the ball from him. I think that was my one good moment of the whole tryout. :-)

During the tryout, there were torrential downpours the whole time and one stoppage for lightning strikes. Some of the players who drove from far away were concerned that they would not get home until 3 or 4 a.m. if the tryout lasted until midnight. But, the tryout got going again and was over by 10:30 p.m.

Out of the 50 plus players that came out for the second tryout, according to what I heard, DDL F.C. only had 3 or 4 players that they did extend a contract to or were thinking about extending a contract to. The other 3 or 4 spots remaining after these players are announced will likely be taken up by American players invited by the team for trials in preseason.

Evan Schwartz

I do know of one of the players who was likely extended an offer and will likely sign with DDL F.C. if both sides negotiate successfully, he is a right fullback, Evan Schwartz. The 22 year-old Schwartz most recently played in Iceland for two years, most recently for a club called Briedablik. During Schwartz's two seasons in Iceland he made 11 appearances and scored three goals. Before going to Iceland, Schwartz was rated mainly 3's or 4's by the 2007 InfoSport combine and was rated as being a solid enough player to play in USL-2 at the age of 19. Since then Schwartz recently received two offers for USL-1 clubs but came to the tryout last night and likes what the DDL F.C. club is doing. He'll also have a good chance to start as the positions that need filled by Americans are right back, left back, and defensive midfield. Schwartz plays right back.

I actually played against him in my game and Schwartz is fast, good at overlapping, good at picking his spots on when to move forward and when to stay back. I think he'll be a good right back for the club.


3/12/2010: Second Try Out Starts Tonight At 7 P.M. At Bellbrook High's Stadium

12:59 PM Reporter: Ryan Kozlowski 0 Responses

Tonight's Second Try Out will start around 7-7:15 p.m. tonight. This is sort of late notice but I didn't get the start time either until earlier today. Anyways, if you want to check it out I'm sure it would not be an issue, it's at Bellbrook's Miami Valley South Stadium. I'll be there filming some of the try out for my Orange Legionnaire TV section, so even if you miss it you should get sort of an idea of what went on by checking out the blog later tonight or early tomorrow.

The final eight players to wear the orange for DDL F.C. will be selected after tonight's try out. There will be around 50 players competing for those spots and there will likely be two games tonight. So stop on by and cheer them on.


3/12/2010: Orange Legion Supporters Bar Location?

12:29 PM Reporter: Ryan Kozlowski 0 Responses

The Orange Legion supporters need to find a bar to congregate and share ideas before the games. Personally, I think an ideal location would be The Pub about 8-10 minutes from Miami Valley South Stadium in Beavercreek, Ohio. It's got a great European football type atmosphere, it shows EPL games, it has beer from all over, and it is close to the stadium.

I'm not originally from the area. But, I'm looking to visit The Pub tonight after I check out tonight's try out, so I'll give my verdict later. By the way, try outs will kick off around 7 to 7:15 p.m. at Bellbrook High School's Miami Valley South Stadium, so if you want to check that out stop by tonight.

Whatever location we all decide for a supporters bar, I'm going to try to get a Orange Legion supporters group meeting going at either the Pub or wherever it is decided either on Saturday March 20th or Sunday March 21st or Sunday March 28th (sorry 27th I'll be checking out Crew vs. TFC). But, some weekend time where everyone can start bringing together ideas for the Orange Legion and deciding when we can meet to make banners and etc.

So, what do you think The Pub or another location? Discuss the Supporters Bar location in The Orange Legionnaire Forum.


3/12/2010: In The Spotlight- Geert Den Ouden

9:30 PM Reporter: Ryan Kozlowski 0 Responses
Now that we have thoroughly discussed the seven American players in detail, The Orange Legionnaire will, every few days, take a look at each of the Dutch players who will wear the orange colors for Dayton this Spring. We will start this off with..

Geert Cornelius den Ouden
From Delft, Netherlands (a town of 96,000 between Rotterdam and the Hague in the province of South Holland)- Played for ADO Den Haag, Rotterdam, and many other top flight teams in Holland
Position: Forward

Geert den Ouden is a 33 year old forward with great experience in the Holland top flights, as well as the Swedish and Maltesian top flights. Den Ouden has 108 total goals in 317 total appearances, good for a very strong strike rate of less than one goal every three games, with most of these goals mainly coming in the Dutch top flight. Den Ouden played for four top flight clubs in Holland and found most of his success there. Here is what Den Ouden had to say about his stateside transition to DDL F.C.:

"At this moment I'm already seriously preparing myself for Dayton Dutch Lions FC. I play my games and I train full time with my youth club V.V. Smitshoek. And when I'm not on the soccer field, you can find me in the gym. I feel fighting fit, so I will be ready to play the Premier Development League for the complete 100% when I arrive in Dayton. Besides being motivated, I'm not the kind of person who likes to sit back and relax. I like daily exercise and training, that keeps me going. Lucky for me that's one of the important aspects a pro soccer player needs to be able to perform."

Here is Geert in action scoring against Feyenoord (go to minute 3:50):

So, how many goals do you see den Ouden scoring for DDL F.C. in 2010?


3/10/2010: Getting To Know The American Charges At DDL F.C.

5:30 PM Reporter: Ryan Kozlowski 0 Responses
Last week, the Dutch Lions per their website officially announced seven American players that they've decided to sign from the first try out back in January. That brisk outdoor try out with 20 degree weather will be replaced in the second try out this Friday with 60 degree weather. The last eight players to make up the complete Dutch Lion roster of 23 will likely be signed from this second try out on Friday (for more information on Friday's try out, click here). There also may be some stiffer competition for the last eight spots since DDL F.C. has had a couple more months since that January try out to spread their name. After that try out, check here at The Orange Legionnaire for more information about the last eight players as well as video from the try out, but lets get to know the Americans already under contract a bit better.

Jeff Popella
From Dayton, Ohio- Played For Dayton University
Position: Forward

Jeff Popella is a 6'1 forward who has played in 57 games over his college career with the Dayton Flyers registering 11 goals and 5 assists. Popella also was a standout at local Caroll High School. Popella had some injury issues in his senior season and only played in seven games but came on strong for the Flyers late in the season registering two goals (one below) and playing very well over the second half of his senior season.

Popella also played his youth soccer for local clubs Inter Dayton, United Rapids, Celtics and Ohio Galaxies.

Steven McCarthy
From Dayton, Ohio- Played For Capital University, Trained & Played Exhibition Match With The Crew

Position: Forward

Is The Ohio Athletic Conference's leading goalscorer with 64 goals and points leader with 145 points over his career at Division-III Capital University. McCarthy in his senior season scored 24 goals in 23 games for Capital University. McCarthy also netted a goal for the Crew in an exhibition match against Ohio State University in the annual Connor Senn Match. An excellent in depth interview with McCarthy can be found here on Capital U's website, seems like a real good kid. McCarthy looks to continue his goal scoring ways with DDL F.C. this Spring.

Randy Dennis
From San Antonio, Texas- Played For Dayton University
Position: Defender

The 6'1 defender has been a defensive starter for Dayton, Ohio since his freshman season, you could call Randy, "Mr. Reliable" with 68 total caps in the Flyers backline. Dennis's consistency over his four years at Dayton University will be needed and probably called upon greatly at DDL F.C. who are top heavy on offensive signings with only 4 defenders on the team of 15 so far.

Kyle VondenBenken
From Sterling Heights, Michigan- Played For Butler University, Kalamazoo Outrage
Position: Midfielder/Defender

VondenBenken started all 19 games for Butler University his Senior season and was recognized for his play by being placed on the All- Horizon League First Team. Overall, VondenBenken has started in 69 games for Butler University making 77 overall appearances. VondenBenken also played for the PDL's Kalamazoo Outrage, this experience should help VondenBenken net some more minutes for DDL F.C.

Eric Kissinger
From Dayton, Ohio- Played for Haverford College
Position: Central Midfielder

The 5'10, 150 pound midfielder played 65 games with 9 goals and 6 assists for Haverford College. Haverford College only had 12 wins during Kissinger's time there (12-49-6 overall), but Kissinger was one of their best players over the four years he was there from 2005 to 2008, missing no starts.

Eddie Herstenberg
From Cincinnati, Ohio- Played For Ohio Dominican University and The Cinncinati Express Indoor Team

Position: Attacking midfielder

Eddie played 39 games for Ohio Dominican with 5 goals and 5 assists. He played and started for Cincinnati State before transferring to Ohio Dominican and then played for the Cincinnati Express after his last collegiate season in 2007. Herstenberg, according to his ODU bio has a good touch and attacking flair.

Kyle Segebart
From Dayton, Ohio- Played for Cinncinati Kings of the PDL, Cedarville University, Rio Grande University, and Shorter College.
Position: Defender

Started 17 games for Cedarville in 2008 and was one of their top players. Was a starter for the Cinncinati Kings backline in 2009. Should have one of the easier transitions of the American players as he has a full season already under his belt in the PDL, even though the Cinncinati Kings finished last in the Great Lakes Region in 2009.

So out of all the American players already signed, which do you see getting the most ammount of minutes for DDL F.C. in 2010? Will any of these players be able to push some of their Dutch counterparts out of positions or will the Americans only be fighting over 3 starting spots? Discuss and vote on it over at The Orange Legionnaire Forum by clicking here.


3/9/2010: What Should The Dutch Lions Theme Song Be?

8:16 AM Reporter: Ryan Kozlowski 0 Responses

You'll Never Walk Alone Dutch Lions, Pretty Bubbles In The Air.

Many clubs in Europe have anthems that they come out of the tunnel to. All of their fans usually raise their scarves and go nuts singing an anthem as the players representing their city get ready to start the contest. The most popularly known version of this is Liverpool's "You'll Never Walk Alone." Another example is West Ham's "Forever Blowing Bubbles." If you had to pick an anthem for the Dayton Dutch Lions what would it be? And why?

Further, don't dismiss an idea because the song is corny or a love song; as can be seen in the PUMA Hardchorous youtube video, a set of supporters can make even a corny love song sound pretty damn terrific:

Share your ideas in the comments section here or with the other lads here on The Orange Legionnaire Forum.


3/8/2010: Where Should The Supporters Section Be?

2:31 PM Reporter: Ryan Kozlowski 0 Responses

Where do you think the Orange Legion supporters section should be? I figure that the regular spectators will likely be in the main stand. Therefore, 2-4 may be the most likely options. Also, there are unlikely to be any visiting fans except for the Crew vs. Dayton Dutch Lion showdown on June 19th, thus the visiting stand is an option as well. There is a poll to the right, also you can talk about it more in the forum by clicking here.


3/8/2010: Got A Chant Idea?

1:37 PM Reporter: Ryan Kozlowski 0 Responses
Here is one that I have for the Orange Legion fans:

It's a Wisla Krakow chant which I think would work well with Day-ton.

One side pointing at the others: "Ohh oh oh oh Ohh... ...oh oh oh Ohh oh oh oh Ohh o o o Day-ton"!

The other side pointing back: "Ohh oh oh oh Ohh oh oh oh Ohh oh oh oh Ohh o o o Day-ton"!

Just keep going back and forth until the two sides tire.

If anyone else has any chant ideas share your thoughts on The Orange Legionnaire Forum by clicking on the Supporter chant topic created today or leave a comment here.


3/7/2010: Sonny Silooy Named DDL F.C. Head Coach

5:28 PM Reporter: Ryan Kozlowski 0 Responses

Former Dutch international Sonny Silooy has signed a contract to become head coach of the Dutch-American pro soccer team Dayton Dutch Lions FC. He will be officially introduced at 6.30pm on Wednesday March 3, at Bo Cinq in Amsterdam.


3/7/2010: DDL F.C. Adds 7 American Players

4:34 PM Reporter: Ryan Kozlowski 0 Responses

DDL F.C. added seven American players the other day including Steven McCarthy.


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