I just got off the phone with the manager of the Pub, I confirmed a place at that location for 30 to 40 people for April 17th at Noon for the meeting. Of course if there are more people we can stand around the tables and etc. as I do not think it's too busy on a Saturday morning except for those watching the EPL. He said I could also call back and bump up the reservation number if I need a lot more seats. But, that all depends on how many fans are interested in being at the meeting.

I tried to work out some sort of beer deal. He said that usually those wearing a soccer jersey get money off beer on Saturday mornings and etc., but didn't say anything outright on that. I'll take another run at maybe getting a cheap beer or two for the meeting when I'm back in Dayton. Also, I'll work on confirming some players to come out to the meeting and maybe some owners or at least front office types so the supporters can be on the same page from the get go with the front office.

Anyways, let me know if you can make it in the Supporters Meeting Issues thread. So I know if we need a lot more seats or not. Also, start pulling together ideas on chants and banners because we need to have some down before the first game on April 30th.


By the way, I'll throw up some directions on the place later today if any supporters do not know the location.
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