3/12/2010: Orange Legion Supporters Bar Location?

12:29 PM Posted by Ryan Kozlowski

The Orange Legion supporters need to find a bar to congregate and share ideas before the games. Personally, I think an ideal location would be The Pub about 8-10 minutes from Miami Valley South Stadium in Beavercreek, Ohio. It's got a great European football type atmosphere, it shows EPL games, it has beer from all over, and it is close to the stadium.

I'm not originally from the area. But, I'm looking to visit The Pub tonight after I check out tonight's try out, so I'll give my verdict later. By the way, try outs will kick off around 7 to 7:15 p.m. at Bellbrook High School's Miami Valley South Stadium, so if you want to check that out stop by tonight.

Whatever location we all decide for a supporters bar, I'm going to try to get a Orange Legion supporters group meeting going at either the Pub or wherever it is decided either on Saturday March 20th or Sunday March 21st or Sunday March 28th (sorry 27th I'll be checking out Crew vs. TFC). But, some weekend time where everyone can start bringing together ideas for the Orange Legion and deciding when we can meet to make banners and etc.

So, what do you think The Pub or another location? Discuss the Supporters Bar location in The Orange Legionnaire Forum.
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