3/16/2010: DDL F.C. Defender Kyle Segebart Interview

9:40 PM Posted by Ryan Kozlowski

The Orange Legionnaire discusses with Kyle his career before DDL F.C., his decision to go with the Dayton Dutch Lions over other PDL teams, how he somehow had a successful tryout while playing with a broken ankle, how Kyle learned about the tryout, what player is he most like or aspires to be like, his best moment as a fan of soccer, his musical tastes/playlist, his favorite supermodel, and finally his goals for the 2010 season with the Dayton Dutch Lions.

The overall podcast is pretty good but we really get rolling from the 8th minute on into some great stuff. Also, I find some of the stories of Kyle and some of the other American players that I have talked to even more interesting than the more broadcasted stories of the big time professionals because there are some crazy stories, some crazy traveling, and a real love of the game there. I'll try to hit more of these sort of stories with some of the other Dayton Dutch Lion players over the season.

Kyle was a good sport and a lot of fun to interview. So, here it is:

3/15/2010- Interview With DDL F.C. Defender Kyle Segebart

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