Evan Schwartz (far left) celebrating a victory with teammates for Icelandic club Bredablik last season. The Orange Legionnaire will have a discussion with the Dayton Dutch Lion right back on his thoughts on the upcoming season at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

** I'm working on getting together a second podcast, this interview will be with Dayton Dutch Lion right back Evan Schwartz. I'm going to talk to Evan around 2 p.m. tomorrow, so that podcast should be up early tomorrow night around 5 p.m. Evan has quite an interesting story as he played in Iceland last year and also played with some of the top American players at the well-regarded American IMG Academy. Therefore, should be worth a listen.

** I'm finally pooling together contacts of some of the supporters who are really interested in being a part of the Orange Legion supporters section this season. I'm hopefully going to get mostly everything settled on the Supporters Meeting by the end of this week. I should have a date and time for The Supporters Meeting soon. I'm calling the Pub tomorrow about what date would be best and still working on specials for the meeting. The Supporters Meeting will likely be pushed back to either April 10th or the 17th at noon or 1 p.m., both are on Saturday's. I'm trying to get a few players to make an appearance and maybe have them give away a signed shirt or something. Because I wanted to try to involve some players, I had to push things back since most are not in town until the 12th or a little before that. Also, I haven't been able to lock everything down as I'm getting everything situated to move to Dayton permanently myself. So, once I get back in the beginning of April I can try to get together some players to come out for the meeting and maybe an owner. Anyways, hopefully when I get back in town that should be enough time to spread the word out to all Dutch Lion fans interested in attending. That's why I'm leaning towards the 17th, just to make sure the meeting is productive as possible with as many supporters as possible, I promise it will be no later. Then at this meeting we can look to schedule monthly meetings, just with Orange Legion supporters (not the players and etc.) so we can continue to pull together ideas.

I'm looking for this meeting to be a way for those interested in being a part of the Orange Legion to introduce themselves to each other. At the meeting we can start to share ideas about chants and where we could possibly create some banners for the April 30th game. If someone has a warehouse or a nice-sized garage where we can get together and make some banner displays for the section that would be great. Also, we'll talk about our stadium location and other topics.

**HELP WELCOME ON THE ORANGE LEGIONNAIRE- If any other fans want to write about the team on here there more than welcome to, as long as you can keep it civil on here your more than welcome to write.

Also, if anyone has any photography skills. It would be pretty clutch to have an Orange Legion fan that could take pictures of the supporters section and the action, so that we could throw it up on here afterwards.

I'm going to throw up a thread in the Orange Legionnaire Forum, so if you want to help in either endeavor click here.
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