Sonny Silooy told Dutch soccer website Voetbal Primeur recently that he excepts the Dutch Lions to win their region and play for the PDL championship in 2010. He also gave a breakdown of his responsibilities at DDL F.C.:

"In the summer I am responsible for the first team, starting in the PDL, the third level in America. If the competition is over (the competition lasts three months), I am mainly concerned with the training branch. The American youth."

"We want to mainly generate name recognition in the first year and do that mainly with the first team. With players like Hans van de Haar, Oscar Moens and Geert den Ouden we should play for the championship and we'll fit into the national cup competition."

One of the DDL F.C. ownership's many goals is to qualify for the 2011 U.S. Open Cup. If DDL F.C. does qualify they'll get the opportunity to test themselves against MLS clubs such as the Columbus Crew and Houston Dynamo.
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