** Were moving up the banner making session this weekend to Tuesday, May 4th at 6:30 p.m. since I can't do it Wednesday night or Thursday night because of finals.

** Our goal is to make at least two banners a week, so eventually we have the whole visitors stand covered with banners. We'll likely make 2 banners Tuesday night, as well as four two sticks. The cost this week will be extremely low since we have one more large sheet left over from last weekend and tons of paint. So, all we need to buy is two queen size sheets, for a second large banner plus some two sticks, this will only cost 28 bucks total this week.. Which means with 10 to 15 of us in attendance to paint, the most each of us will need to chip in is like 2 or 3 bucks a person. The address is the same 4123 N. Linda Dr. in Bellbrook, Ohio. MAPQUEST IT!

** Some people questioned the location of our section since were still a relatively small group and if the sun is shining it can be annoying to sit there, etc. There are a couple of reasons why we are over where we are at.

~First off, were supposed to be Ultras (hardcore soccer support) so if your complaining about a little sun your in the wrong section anyways.

~Secondly, the stands directly behind goal do not have room for even the two banners we already made.

~Third, there is much more freedom being in an isolated corner farther away from the main stands then closer to the main group of fans, where there are mainly families. This make swearing and etc. less of an issue. Let's just keep it enjoyable for us and them by staying where we are at.

~Fourth, I heard that the Bellbrook officials won't allow us behind the one goal anyways.

~Fifth, I and many others in the section really liked the vibe we had going on the last week. Moving may ruin it, similiar to how moving the Nordecke would do it in Columbus. I like the freedom and that basically the whole visiting stands our are's. They were barely filled, except for us, during the Global United game. And, I would be happily surprised if we get more then 3,000 against the Cincinnati Kings.

So, overall, were staying where we are at. I have confidence our numbers are going to grow by the week and I want the whole visiting stands filled with our banners by week three or four. We want to make it a party that Amsterdam could be proud of over there. :-)

** Dayton Dutch Lions ruggedly handsome, defensive midfielder Yohan Wigger requested that we stick around longer the next game so that the team can come over and give us a clap or bow (similiar to how the Crew do it in Columbus). So, we need to stick around for 5-10 minutes and continue chanting next Saturday.

** We got about 3 or 4 chants going last weekend. Not bad considering the Nordecke has been around for two more years and probably only has 4 or 5 more chants then that. While were doing the banners Tuesday night we need to work on thinking up more- I already have some ideas that I didn't bother to try last Friday because it was just an exhibition and we weren't as concerned with chanting as we would be for our regular season.

** When or if I get a chance, busy week for me with three finals, I'll go to MacIntosh's down the road and see if we can get any beer deals before games for supporters. Either way, some of us will meet there a few hours before the Cincinnati game to have a few beers, probably likely around 4:30. I'll probably have to have a beer, leave and set up a few things at the stadium, and come back. We'll see.

**I'll email this same thing out to everyone on the mailing list either tonight or earlier tomorrow. Want on The Orange Legion's mailing list, email us at theorangelegionnaire@live.com

That's it for now cheers and I hope to see you Tuesday night for banners and Saturday night at the game. Duey (Goodbye)!
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