7/16/2010: Dutch Lions Talk Of Building Stadium

7:27 AM Posted by Ryan Kozlowski

The Dayton Dutch Lions will likely build a smaller stadium (around 6,000 seats) and there stadium will be similiar to the stadiums and clubhouses in Holland. At stadiums in Holland, there are areas for parents of academy players to sit around and talk, shopping malls, businesses, and even a few of the stadiums have a night club or something else a bit different. Overall, the stadiums often times take on the appearance of a overall community.

From the Dayton Daily News:

Dayton Dutch Lions owner Mike Mossel said he and the team have been very happy at Bellbrook, but the idea of a home stadium is important for the growth of the club, from the pro teams down to the youth academy.

“That’s the ideal situation,” Mossel said. “That could help us gain more
attention, more spectators and maybe even bring in some international teams to
play. But we also are very happy with our relationship with Bellbrook, and we
look forward to playing there next season.”

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