According to VoetbalPrimeur, 22 year old Dutch Lions midfielder Julius Wille is wanted by his former club, AGOVV Apeldoorn, and may return in August to start prepping for their season. Wille scored 3 goals for the club last year and received a good ammount of minutes for the Apeldoorn club before moving to America with the Dayton Dutch Lions. According to, Wille would be a part of a bolstering of the club, along with players Ugur Yildirim and Mike van der Kooy, as AGOVV looks to try to make their move for promotion once again in this upcoming season.

AGOVV, last season, just missed out on promotion to the Eresdivise (First Division), from the Erstedivise (Second Division), and Wille may go back to his prior club to try to get AGOVV promoted this upcoming season to Holland's premier division. Wille has played for AGOVV for the three years prior to him coming to the Dayton Dutch Lions.

Nevertheless, according to, that AGOVV return isn't etched in stone and Wille wants to return to the Dutch Lions in their 2011 season as well, which starts next April.

"I 'm in no rush. I have AGOVV alongside other options," says Wille of the Dayton Dutch Lions, who will look for playing time elsewhere while the Dutch Lions are in their offseason.

"Saturday is our last game and then I want a few days to Chicago. It's really great. Next season we will play one level higher, then we go to a serious professional level. I want to come back. I feel really at home."

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