Dayton Dutch Lions player Bas Ent played 45 minutes for TFC in the second half of their match against the English Premier League Bolton Wanderers. Bas didn't get an abundant ammount of touches in the match, but when he had touches Ent created solid opportunities. As Ent had two solid crosses, one a screaming bullet across the Bolton box that found the path of O'Brien White but White whiffed; When White whiffed the ball found the path of TFC Academy player Nicolas Lindsay who couldn't put enough power on the ball to beat Bolton keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen. The Ent cross was one of TFC's best opportunities of the game.

Along with the crosses, Bas had his own opportunity to go one-on-one against Jasskelainen but the refereee incorrectly called Ent offsides. Nevertheless, Bas Ent impressed TFC staff and fans alike.

TFC Coach Preki on Bas Ent's game against Bolton:

“He has some interesting abilities. I would have loved to see him with the ball a bit more.”

But, when he did have the ball, Preki said he liked what he saw.

TFC Fan Comments:

"Ent looked very good in the second half as did Mirko Medic who played up front and was also trialing."

"Ent was unlucky to not have earned an assist when OB somehow fluffed that ball four yard in front of goal. I've no idea how that one went through his legs but such is life."

"Agreed on Ent. I thought he was one of the best players on the pitch in the second half. After watching TFC struggle out wide for 4 years now, I'm thinking this is the kind of player we need."

Bas impressed Preki and Mo Johnston so much that they invited Ent to stay on an extra day for practice on Thursday, when the initial trial was supposed to only last up to last night's game. TFC reportedly also has an interest in bringing Bas back into the fold after the Dayton Dutch Lions last game this Saturday against the Chicago Fire of the PDL.
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