Yesterday at 1 p.m. at The Pub in The Greene, the Dayton Dutch Lions supporters group, The Orange Legion, had their first official meeting. The first meeting was mainly for getting to know each other purposes and to start discussing some ideas.. Here's a bullet point breakdown of the meeting.

**17 guys showed up to the meeting. I was not sure how the turn out would be like, either we could of had 25 or it could have been me and two other guys... So for a first meeting I think it's a good start. Especially since all of the guys that came out seemed interested in making a top-notch supporters group here in Dayton and are looking to pitch in on the idea.

Further, there are about 20 others that I have talked to before, during this offseason, who are interested in joining up with us but couldn't make it out to the meeting on Sunday because of the Bellbrook Sugar Maple Festival, being out of town, and etc. So, so far it's a good core that with some guerilla marketing will grow.

**We decided to meet up again two days before Global United on April 28th, 2010 at around 6 or 7 p.m. to start making banners for our season as well as the Global United game. Were looking for a large sized garage or a warehouse where we can paint in, so if you want to join us and help us out on that front it would be appreciated. I also have a ton of drop cloth's, so paint will not get on anyone's floors.

The banner making session will probably last from 6 p.m. until like midnight on that Wednesday, April 28th. Will get some good tunes and some 12 packs and make a little party out of it as these get togethers were always fun in Columbus.

Email me at to join us for the 28th. Will be trying to make three or four banners of this size, and some two sticks:

** We also decided to look into a place within walking distance to hang out at before games. Were likely going to check out MacIntosh's, which is within walking distance of the stadium, and attempt to maybe get a beer special going with them on Saturday's before games. About 45 minutes before games we'll leave MacIntosh's and walk together over to the stadium, chanting all the way to the stadium and to our seats. Hopefully, that will peak the interest of others to join us.

After the game we'll likely go to the Pub or wherever all the other fans decide to go.

** We also have quite a bit of college students at the first meeting and were going to try to work up a flier design and then just have all of our members print out like 50 fliers a piece (for free) at their colleges. If almost every member can print out 50 fliers that's 500-1000 we can pass out at bars such as The Dublin Pub, The Pub, MacIntosh's, The Fox and Hound, and etc. As well as place on some billboard's at colleges and stores such as Soccerplus down by the Dayton Mall. The fliers will have information on how to join us and will also have the location and date for our next meeting, which will likely be at the Pub a month or so from now.

** There is also a flag company in town (according to one of the members but he couldn't remember the name of it), we will need to look into the name of them, and try to see what they're prices are for flags and if they can give us any deals as well.

**As far as drums, I'm going to see at the Crew game if anyone has a spare one that I could borrow or we might even have the front office purchase us one or we as a supporters group will just pitch together the money and buy one (and eventually two) on eBay.

**We discussed some chant ideas. We'll likely do a version of "We Love You" like the Crew fans do and also here's one that Wisla Krakow fans do that we might try:

One side pointing at the others: "Ohh oh oh oh Ohh... ...oh oh oh Ohh oh oh oh Ohh o o o Day-ton"!

The other side pointing back: "Ohh oh oh oh Ohh oh oh oh Ohh oh oh oh Ohh o o o Day-ton"!

Then there is all the easy ones that all American supporters clubs do, such as "Dayton til I die." We'll also hopefully get more conversation going on the supporters forum in the next few weeks with some more creative ideas.

**We'll also be changing the Supporters facebook page to The Orange Legion or making a new facebook page for this group.

**So once again if you want to join us email me at to get on our email list and also try to make some free time to join us on April 28th at 6 or 7 p.m. for the banner making session. Once we get a location, I'll put the address on here so that everyone can mapquest it.
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