What was reported here on The Orange Legionnaire on January 3rd (as far as Ent headed to Toronto F.C. to train and officially sign, Schwartz to train with TFC, and the Dutch Lions to pursue a partnership with TFC) was all but confirmed in a Dayton Daily News article that interviewed Mossel and Ent on January 7th. The following are notables from the article written by Dayton Daily News soccer beat writer David DiCenzo.

On the Bas Ent Toronto signing:

Bas Ent’s bags are literally packed. The 23-year-old Dutch winger is in the Netherlands at the moment waiting to hear from Toronto FC. Ent was offered a three-year deal by the MLS club, though he has yet to officially sign a contract.

“It’s not all settled,” says Ent, who played over the winter with Dutch side, Katwijk. “I’m just waiting for that moment to sign with TFC.”
On compensation for Ent, looking most likely to come in the form of a partnership:

If Ent does sign, the Lions, who have moved up to the USL Pro division for the upcoming 2011 season, will receive compensation. DDL FC co-owner Mike Mossel says that might not necessarily be a financial agreement but perhaps come in the form of a partnership between the clubs. He reiterated that he in no way wants to stand in the way of Ent’s opportunity so assuming TFC still want the speedy winger, an agreement will be reached.

“We would like to sit down with Aron and see what his plans are and if we can fit in there,” says Mossel.

Confirmation on Schwartz joining Ent, for preseason with Toronto F.C.:

If Ent does end up in Toronto, he might see a familiar face. DDL teammate Evan Schwartz could get a shot at making TFC in the upcoming preseason. According to Mossel, the 23-year-old right back from Colorado Springs is expected to participate in the first few days of the MLS pre-season.

Mossel on why Evan Schwartz would be a good addition along with Ent at Toronto F.C.:

“Evan has the speed to recover and he also used it up front overlapping,” says Mossel. “That’s a big asset for a guy in the back. He did that well with Bas on the right side.

“He also has a great mentality. He wants to win. He pushes it 100 per cent and he never complains about injuries or pain. Evan is very ambitious. He wants to play at the highest level.”

Now if you would of just checked out this website, The Orange Legionnaire, you would of known all of this news a week in advance. :-)
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