Today the Dutch Lions announced to the Springfield News-Sun and the Dayton Daily News that the club's new manager will be former player Ivar van Dinteren. Ivar has experience in the top division of Holland with FC Groningen, RKC Waalwijk, and FC Zwolle. Van Dinteren also has coaching licenses and played a big role in the Dutch Lions youth academy this season (pictured below). Van Dinteren was only expected to help with the youth academy in the Summer of 2010, but ended up taking over and flourishing in the position at the departure of Sonny Silooy.

The decision to go with van Dinteren may be a bit of a surprise, as the 31 year old from Bussum Netherlands, is likely to be younger than four or five players on the Dutch Lions in 2011; As veterans Oscar Moens, Geert den Ouden, and Hans van de Haar were all in their mid-30's during the 2010 campaign and it wouldn't be a surprise if the Dutch Lions select a Dutch veteran or four for their 2011 campaign.

Yet, the Dutch Lion player who made 13 appearances and scored two goals in the 2010 season, often times sounded like a coach from the bench when injured during the 2010 season and in practice, van Dinteren always sounded like a natural for the job. Van Dinteren also has a lot of energy and the Dutch Lions are hoping that energy can translate to results and trophies. Think of van Dinteren as the Dutch Lions version of a managerial signing similiar to the 35 year old Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin; which has led to one Superbowl ring, now possibly two, in the last four years for the Pittsburgh American football club.

Owner Mike Mossel, who was impressed with van Dinteren's work with the Youth Academy and energy came to the same conclusion:

“Ivar did a great job coaching his two (academy) teams and fully understands what we are trying to build as an organization. He has been a valuable asset for us in the transition from the first team to the youth academy. He is still young but very hungry and ambitious, same as our club. And very important, we are exactly on the same page as far as our desired style of play and behavior.”

Another key to the Ivar signing is Ivar's awareness of what to expect in an American soccer league. For new Dutch players and coaches, moving to Dayton, Ohio and traveling by mini-bus to games in Kalamazoo, Michigan can be a bit of a culture shock. Van Dinteren has been on that bus, has played for the club, and can relate and know what to expect with the players in 2011.

Van Dinteren stated to the Dayton Daily News that he was very happy and excited to get going in his first managerial job. The decision making for van Dinteren starts next Saturday, as Ivar will have to select eight more American players for the senior roster in a trial next weekend.

Getting to know Ivar...

Career highlight- Van Dinteren scored quite possibly his best career goal in his 2004 Eredivise season with FC Zwolle below to tie up a game against Go Ahead Eagles at 2-2.

Businessman- Van Dinteren also owns and runs Transfer Footballers, a Dutch website where not well-known players post information and videos about themselves hoping to get a trial at a European club.
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