Bas Ent will be joining fellow Dayton Dutch Lion Evan Schwartz at the start of Toronto FC's preseason preparations in Antayla, Turkey tomorrow. I received confirmation of this last night, as both will leave tomorrow to join Toronto F.C. in Antayla.

It's not known if a deal has been reached between Bas Ent and Toronto F.C.; But, it's likely that a deal either has been reached or will be reached soon.

It's safe to say that Toronto F.C. has an extreme interest in making both permanent members. This is because it will cost Toronto F.C. a pretty penny to take each TFC player to Turkey for three weeks.

It would be surprising for Toronto F.C. to pay over $20K to take both over to Turkey without eventually signing both; As that alone would help pay for one minimum salary player on their roster.

Both will get a shot to show their worth and represent the Dayton Dutch Lions, as they'll get time on the field against Paritzan Belgrade, Dinamo Zagreb, and a third unknown opponent.

Around 30 contintental European first division clubs are expected in Antayla around the same time as Toronto F.C. and the two former Dutch Lion players. Ent's first opponent, Paritzan Belgrade, participated in the group stages of this year's UEFA Champions League.
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