USL-PRO last Thursday released a list of 101 players invited to attend the USL Pro 2011 Player Combine. Two of those players will be influential former Dutch Lions, both George Davis IV (5 goals, 7 assists in 1383 minutes in 2010) and Andrew Giallombardo (1 goal in 817 minutes in defensive midfield in 2010) were invited to attend the combine- after their applications were accepted for the combine by USL-Pro.

The Combine will be held from January 20th to the 23rd at the Charleston Battery's Blackbaud Stadium and both USL Pro scouts as well as MLS scouts (from each team) are likely to attend.

Both Giallombardo and Davis IV, who were under a one-year contract for the Dutch Lion's 2010 PDL season, are both out of contract now. Both are likely in the Dutch Lions sights again; but as free agents the duo are plying their trades in the combine for the best contract and the best option (be it the Dutch Lions, MLS, or another USL Pro team that wants them more).

When The Orange Legionnaire talked to Giallombardo recently, a former Southampton reserve and U.S. U-18 captain on a side with Jozy Altidore, Giallombardo stated that he would have a definite interest in returning to the Dutch Lions. But, Giallombardo commented that he hasn't heard anything substantial yet, at this early point in the offseason, and he is keeping his options open with a few teams he has talked to and the combine (with MLS scouts); Giallombardo is also looking to go back to Europe.

The same is likely for Davis, who was looking to go to Europe in the Dutch Lions offseason but that didn't materialize at that time. Also, Davis talked about returning to the Dutch Lions in 2011 in a postseason interview with Dutch Lions here. He's likely in the same boat as Giallombardo, looking for the best option in 2011- whether that's with the Dutch Lions, MLS, or Europe remains to be seen.

And both should have a lot of options in 2011.

Both Giallombardo and Davis IV were a big part of the Dutch Lions midfield in 2010, a midfield that already has one player (in Bas Ent) headed to Toronto F.C. on a three-year contract.

In 2010, Giallombardo did most of the distrubuting to Ent and Davis who were on the wings. Davis was a real surprise in 2010, as the former Kentucky University player started half of his senior games at Kentucky, but made a huge impact for the Dutch Lions straight away in 2010. His 5 goals and 7 assists (17 points) were only bested by Dutch veteran Geert den Ouden's late goal scoring run and 8 goals and 2 assists (18 points) for the Dutch Lions in 2010. Great statistics, especially since den Ouden cost the Dutch Lions much more in 2010.

Davis could also be considered right up there as an attractive option with Bas Ent for a MLS U-24 spot (each MLS team have 6 spots that don't count against the cap in 2011 for players under 24); As Davis's 17 points was a bit more productive on the scoresheet than Ent's 10 points for the Dutch Lions in 2010, at a similiar position.

Therefore, look for both Giallombardo and Davis to show well for the MLS scouts at this combine. Both should be able to show the scouts something that they'll like and the Dutch Lions should have some healthy competition in getting the pair back in the Orange in 2011.

But, the Dutch Lions also should have an edge, over other USL-Pro teams, in the fact that both Giallombardo and Davis had a positive experience and great season with the Dutch Lions in 2010.
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