According to Dutch Lions midfielder Julius Wille wants to return to Dayton for the 2011 USL-Pro season.

Julius Wille is open to a temporary move back to the United States. The midfielder has with AGOVV, an option in his contract where he can transfer back to the Dayton Dutch Lions for their 2011 season. Last year, the midfielder also played for several months for the Dayton club.

Julius Wille was one of the more technical players for the Dutch Lions in 2010 and has been on great form for AGOVV in the Dutch Second Division this season.

Wille has scored in his last two games, he scored the opening goal for AGOVV two days ago (20 seconds in) in a 2-2 tie with FC Den Bosch:

Then in the previous week Wille had a cracker of a goal, (1:13 in), to gain AGOVV a 2-2 tie with Telstar:

With Wille's current form, AGOVV probably won't be keen to let him join the Dutch Lions until after their season. But, if Wille can keep up his current form there should be an interest on the Dutch Lions end to get him back in the Orange uniform, ASAP.
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