After parting ways with the Dayton Dutch Lions in August 2010, Sonny Silooy has landed back in America with a new job as a trainer in the United States. The 47-year-old former Ajax player will now be in charge of the youth academy for DC United.

Silooy today officially signed a contract for two seasons with D.C. United, historically one of the most successful clubs in MLS. Silooy will not work as a head coach (which is the job of former D.C. player Ben Olsen), but as a youth academy coach. Silooy's contract begins next month.

Silooy explains the job details to Dutch soccer website Voetbal International:

"The intention is to have more structure in the D.C. Academy. They
want in the future to have more and more youth players passed up to the
first team. While I have signed for two years, in December
(2011) we will evaluate and look whether we can continue on the
same path. "

Silooy worked last year as manager and youth academy director at the Dayton Dutch Lions. Silooy left the Dutch Lions when the front office and Silooy couldn't agree on a similiar path for the future of the youth academy. However, both sides remain good friends and the Dutch Lions were looking to possibly bring Silooy back on staff, before this opportunity presented itself for the Ajax legend.

The move is another positive story for those related with the Dutch Lions, as the Dutch Lions may want to change their slogan from "Gateway to Professional Soccer" to "Gateway to MLS" as players Ent and Schwartz have been flirting with MLS contracts, and now the former Dutch Lions manager has landed one.
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