The Bas Ent to Toronto FC eight month odyssey that began in July of 2010 with his first trial (that included 45 impressive minutes with TFC against EPL side Bolton) is now over.

After almost being signed by a Toronto F.C. ran interimly by Nick Dasovic and Earl Cochrane, the new TFC guard of Aron Winter and Paul Mariner decided today that Ent wasn't in their plans on the wing.

As Ent was released today from the Antayla, Turkey camp and will likely return home to the Netherlands.

Ent still has plenty of options as a Greek club, Cypriot club, and a few Asian clubs have contacted the winger about a contract. Further, Ent may go back to his 3rd division Dutch club Katwijk, where he was on a good run of form before leaving Katwijk to try to make Toronto's squad.

But, the option that most Dutch Lion fans would like most is a return of Bas Ent to Dayton. The winger would easily be considered a starter on opening day in April for the Dutch Lions.

Further, with the Dutch Lions now in the American 2nd division, compared to the 4th, Ent will have a chance to make a bigger impression on MLS and international clubs in the future.

In fact, I would not be surprised if the Dutch Lions front office has already contacted the winger.
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