Schwartz is just to the left of Corey Gibbs in the above picture, and in between the two players on the right picture.

Former Dutch Lions right back Evan Schwartz has joined the Chicago Fire in Ave Maria, Florida near Naples for the Fire's preseason training camp. Schwartz had a few options with the Colorado Rapids and Toronto F.C. as well, but eventually elected to go with the Chicago Fire after he was invited to their preseason training camp.

Appears to be a wise choice since the Fire are looking for young, talented players to fill the void of big names, and not just more big names to fill the holes left by the McBride's, Blanco's, Ljunjberg's, and Castillo's. Instead the Fire appear to be looking for less risk adverse talent (basically the opposite of Nery Castillo) as stated below by Fire Manager de los Cobos:

“I am very excited because we are trying to build a different team, if you compare to what we had last season. We have young players, players with different skills, the players are working hard and are trying to understand my concepts.”

A further quote in that Naples News article gleans the Fire are prescribing to a different formula for success than their big DP purchases in past years:

Gibbs is perhaps the best-known addition to the (Fire) that lost veterans Brian McBride and Freddie Ljungberg after last season. Rather than searching for big-name replacements, the club is hoping that players already on the roster can help fill the void those players left behind.

Schwartz, wasn't already on the Chicago Fire roster as of last season; But, Evan is well-known by the Chicago Fire as he played for the Chicago Fire Super 20's before heading over to play in Iceland.

Further, after returning from Iceland, Schwartz played against the Chicago Fire's PDL club twice, as he suited up for the Fire's PDL Great Lakes divisional rival, the Dayton Dutch Lions. This allowed the Fire to keep tabs on their former prospect who impressed in that tough PDL conference.

Now Schwartz's career, which began with the Fire's U-20's, looks to come full circle; as Schwartz has the chance to impress and win a spot on the Fire's senior MLS squad over the next few weeks.

Schwartz will look to impress in Florida during the Fire's two weeks of two-a-days, as well as in a match against Florida's Gulf Coast University this Thursday, and culminating with a doubleheader against the New York Red Bulls on February 23rd.

After Corey Gibbs speaks in the below video, you can also see Evan passing in the background:

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