**The Orange Legion is having their first banner making session on Wednesday, April 28th at 6:30 p.m. The address of the place where we are making the banners is in the garage of a member at 4123 N. Linda Dr. in Bellbrook, Ohio. Mapquest it from your location.

We'll likely try to get a 12 pack of beer or two and some music. As this usually made it more enjoyable when we made these in Columbus.

**Everyone that shows up will need to pitch in $10 to $20 bucks if they can for supplies. I'll be throwing in at least $30 bucks. If you can't pitch in on supplies this time it is okay. But, please try to pitch in something. If we can get 10 to 15 guys to pitch in at least $10 bucks we should be able to make some good stuff.

**Once we get some money pooled together, some of us will go to Wal Mart to make the purchases (paint, paint brushes, drop clothes, and sheets).

**If anyone has a projector that we can borrow, please bring it. If not I'll try to get my hands on one by Wednesday. We could freehand some banners, but doing banners by projector is a lot faster and easier to achieve.

**I also made a facebook just for members that have sent me an email and are interested in being in the supporters group, click here to join.

**Also someone asked me about tickets for the section. The whole stadium is general admission. I'm going to talk to some of the people in the office about roping off an area for us starting with the Global United game. The area will be a small block to start off with and as the season goes on and we expand, we'll likely increase that block.

As we get more organized as a Supporters Group we'll talk to the front office about a ticket deal for us (or even about us selling our own tickets as the supporters in the Nordecke in Columbus do). Eventually, not sure about this year, we'll have specific tickets for our section. But, General Admission with a roped off section for us should do the trick for now.

**So, on Wednesday we'll likely make one medium sized banner with "Orange Legion" on it and some sort of design (like a Legionnaire on it). Then we will make at least one smaller banner and about 5 two sticks. That should be a good start for us this week and if we can achieve all of that in one night we'll be in good shape. Then we can look into making more things the week after for the Cincinnati Kings game.

**I'm also going to try to get a membership/about us page up on my website here sometime this week. I'll take pictures of us making banners, so after that I can add those pictures to this page, to hopefully entice others to join in our efforts.

**We also have some drums that we can likely paint orange as well on Wednesday.

**Any ideas? Thoughts? Chant ideas? Want to join up? Want to help with banners? Email us at theorangelegionnaire@live.com
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