The 35 year old striker Gerald Sabon who has 84 caps and 24 goals since 2007 for top Dutch side SC Heerenveen and also was a part of the 2008 Dutch Olympic Squad scoring 2 goals in 4 games is looking for a new squad. As SC Heerenveen have said that he is no longer in their plans past this season. Therefore, Sabon was apparently in talks before with the Dayton Dutch Lions, as well as A (Australia) League squads.

However, Sibon appears unlikely to come to the Dayton Dutch Lions as this is what he had to say to Voetbal International:
"I do not know where I'll play the next time but just look around. My family and I are open to fun adventures."

But apparently that fun adventure won't be with the Dutch Lions:
"That is where faith in a twenties crowd, that's nothing. I really want to continue playing at the highest level."

Bellbrook Stadium can host 5,000 fans, possibly more if bleachers are added or standing room. However, 5,000 fans is only 2,500 less than Sibon's one Dutch club (where he had his best days) VVV-Venlo could host, so not sure how 5,000 equals 20. Further, there are many similiar capacity stadiums like VVV-Venlo's in the Netherlands. However, if Sabon comes to the U.S. he is likely looking for an adventure in MLS.

Oh well, his loss. The Dayton Dutch Lions will just have to sign Edgar Davids to make up for him, :-):
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1 Response to "4/5/2010: DDL F.C. Still Has One Dutch Player Spot Open, Unlikely To Be Gerald Sabon"

  1. pittmanfan12 Said,

    Even if he wanted to come here I don't think we would be able to sign him. PDL rules say we can only have 8 players over the age of 23. I went to the clubs website and we already have 8 players over 23.

    Posted on April 6, 2010 at 5:58 AM


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