Hans van de Haar (left) is likely the most recognizble Dutch Lion star in Europe, along with Geert den Ouden.

The Dayton Dutch Lions striker Hans van de Haar will miss the first couple of games of the Dutch Lion season as he finishes his contract with AGOVV Apledoorn of the Jupiler League (Holland's Second Division).

However, when van de Haar does come over he should have a major impact as he brings over 93 goals in 300 cap's worth of experience in Holland's top divisions. Further, van de Haar will be game fit as the veteran has been playing regularly as of late for his Holland club. Nevertheless, van de Haar is not satisfied with how the Jupiler League, that he currently competes in, is run. And, this factor could have helped sway Van de Haar's decision on coming to Dayton. Lucky us, as van de Haar could make an impact in MLS as well as with other top flight leagues.

Whether Hans van de Haar stays with the Dutch Lions for many seasons to come will depend upon, according to Hans, on how well the experience in Dayton goes for himself and his family this season.

Lets hope it goes well, with many, many goals.
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