The senior Dutch & American players in the squad, Bret Jones (left) and Oscar Moens (right), have kept the serious manner of the Dutch Lions's practices light with some banter.

I have already personally noticied the near seemless transition, between the American and Dutch players at the Dayton Dutch Lions when it comes to becoming good teammates, whether it be in practice or when they're hanging out together off of the field. Dayton Daily News's Writer Kyle Nagel has noticed much of the same in a lighthearted moment between Jones and Moens:

Bret Jones was walking toward a reporter to discuss the area’s new professional soccer venture just as renowned Dutch goalkeeper Oscar Moens was walking away.

“This guy,” Moens cracked while pointing to Jones, “he jumps like a monkey!”

Jones, a Xenia High School and Wright State product, laughed. Then Moens, the 6-foot-3 keeper, began jumping around and waving his arms in a lighthearted moment.

Xenia product Bret Jones on coming together with the Dutch players:

“Any time you have a new club and new players, it takes some getting used to,” Jones said. “But this hasn’t been a problem. They didn’t come in saying, ‘I’m from Holland, I know soccer’ and putting themselves on a pedestal,” Jones said. “We’re learning as much from them as we can, and hopefully they can learn from us.”

Former Dutch National Team keeper Moens concurs:

“It has been good,” Moens said. “We learn from them, and they learn from us.”

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