6-23-2010: 2nd Half Recap vs. Kings

6:46 PM Posted by Ryan Kozlowski

Dutch Lions looked on their way to a sure victory up 2-0 in 54th minute as a beautiful chip by George Davis found Geert den Ouden who beautifully slotted it home.

57th minute the Dutch Lions had a great chance to go 3-0 up as a Bas Ent cross found the head of Geert den Ouden but did not go in.

In the 60th minute, another Bas Ent cross back 12 yards out found the foot of Ivar van Dinteren who hit it and was denied by a goalline block save by the keeper.

In the 66th minute yet another cross by Bas Ent found the head of Eddie Hertsenberg who was denied again by the Kings keeper who made an acrobatic save.

In the 70th minute against the run of play the Kings got their breakthrough on the cornerkick as a half-header made it 2-1.

The Dutch Lions would get a couple more opportunities to put the game away at 3-1 with a couple close up free kicks and a George Davis cross that couldn't find anyone around the six as it rolled across.

In the 86th the Kings would pull off their second comeback in two games against the Dutch Lions as a nice move brought the Dutch Lions defense to the ground and a nice chip similar to George Davis's the week before made it 2-2 as the Dutch Lions lose pivotal points.

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