** The Dayton Dutch Lions were one of eight PDL teams to qualify over the weekend for the U.S. Open Cup. Here's a nice article on every division's qualification written by Tavio Palazzolo (who I texted results and some good natured trash talk to back and forth on Saturday between our game and the Michigan Bucks, since Tavio is a Bucks follower).

As the Dutch Lions prepare for the next round, it is most likely that if the Dayton Dutch Lions draw another PDL team in the U.S. Open Cup then it will be the winner of the Heartland Division qualification (which is part of the Central Conference with the Great Lakes Division) and that is the Des Moines Menace; As the U.S. Open Cup tries to keep the traveling for the first three rounds as close as possible for opponents.

Therefore, the Dayton Dutch Lions will likely face off against either the closest Amateur, PDL, or USL-2 team that qualified for the U.S. Open Cup in their first round. Then they'll play the closest PDL, USL-2, or USL-1 team in the second round. Then they'll play the closest USL-1 or MLS team in the third round (which may once again be the Columbus Crew). Actually it is quite likely that if the Dayton Dutch Lions win their first two rounds that they might be squaring off again with the Columbus Crew for the U.S. Open Cup. The two teams will likely know each other well by then as the Dayton Dutch Lions will have already played the Columbus Crew in a friendly by then taking place at Bajuan Field on June 19th at 7:30 p.m..

*By the way, I'll have a thorough breakdown of our U.S. Open Cup opponent on here when we find out who it will be.

**The Orange Legion will have their banner making session this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the usual address, 4123 N. Linda Dr. in Bellbrook, Ohio. We'll likely have beer and maybe pizza if we can get a good crowd out for this one. I want to make something nice as Forest City London will probably be one of our biggest challengers to win the Great Lakes Division along with the Michigan Bucks.

I'll likely have a newsletter out with a couple other things sometime on Wednesday.

Cheers and Go Lions!
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