**Crew are contracted to play their starters for 60 minutes in Saturday's contest, and would probably look to give their starters a lot of time even if they were not; as it's been a while since the Crew's last game and they need to look to get game fit before their matchup on June 26th against D.C. United. Some Crew supporters are a little iffy about paying the $20 bucks, when most home games in the Nordecke are less than that. However, the Dutch Lions have a lot of players that have played in the Eresdivise and it should be a good match with an intimate atmosphere. Should also be interesting to see what the Crew do to prepare themselves for D.C. United as they try to right their season.

**The Orange Legion has a lot of banners in their section, likewise the Crew have a ton in theirs. I thought it would be cool to make one end just Nordecke and Orange Legion, just a party down there with both the banners we have here and the Nordecke's banners. Since there really is no rivalry there and nearly the whole section are fans of both clubs, could be a fun day out. We'll have a walk through of Baujan Field on Friday and I'll mark out an area for this, at the gate just say you're with The Orange Legion or Nordecke and someone should be able to direct you to this area. Or just look for the banners, every $20 dollar ticket is general admission.

**Also, there is a great bar with friendly staff at the Dublin Pub downtown (not far from the stadium) where World Cup can be watched, make a day out of it.

**I was texted a few weeks ago by Crew supporters and I gave them the number to call of a guy who had more authority than me to get a group rate done. I'm sure he could have worked out a cheaper group rate at that time, still possible if were not soldout before game time. I didn't know a group rate off hand at the time because frankly we never have away supporters in the PDL and most of our "groups" get in half priced. But, nothing was followed through with from Nordecke's supporters groups. If someone is still looking to work out a rate from the Crew supporters, email me at r.kozlowski@dutchlionsfc.com and how many Crew fans are looking to come from the Nordecke and maybe it will be possible to work something out before game time.

I can't make any promises though as it's four days before.

**Dutch Lions fans will have a banner making session Friday night at 6:30 p.m., as we'll make a few things for the Crew game on Saturday. It will be at the 4123 N. Linda Drive address, same as usual. I cannot do it earlier because I'm traveling from Dayton to Rochester to Niagara Falls to Cleveland back to Dayton with the club this week and won't be back until 2 a.m. Thursday night.

**Overall, I think it will be a fun day out, good intimate atmosphere as will likely try to pack 2,200 into Baujan which only seats 1,700. Hope to see many fans from both sides.

**If you have any questions email me at crewture@live.com or r.kozlowski@dutchlionsfc.com.
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