6/17/2010: Dutch Lions Tie Cleveland 2-2

8:46 PM Posted by Ryan Kozlowski

Despite having the boatload of the possession, the Dutch Lions allowed two soft counters on defensive relapses to allow the Internationals a share of the spoils.

The Dutch Lions went down early in the 6th minute, after nearly having the ball for the first five minutes of the game.

Around the 41st minute, an excellent run and cross by George Davis IV forced the Cleveland defender in an awkward defensive choice; The Cleveland defenseman made the wrong one and brought down Geert den Ouden who converted yet another penalty to make it 1-1.

Around the 70 minute, yet again the Internationals would work the counter to their advantage taking a surprise 2-1 lead.

The Dutch Lions looked on their way to a shock defeat. But, the Orange kept pressing until George Davis scored the goal of the season to put the Dutch Lions back on level terms at 2-2 in the 86th minute.

With belief behind their backs now the Dutch Lions would get a golden opportunity to strut away with all three points in stoppage time. As two minutes into stoppage time a perfect through ball had two recipents, Geert and George, but there was confusion on who wanted it. George took it and got a good shot off but it was stopped by a Cleveland defender.

The whistle blew soon after that, final score 2-2.

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