6-23-2010: Dutch Lions vs. Cincinnati Kings

5:36 PM Posted by Ryan Kozlowski

The Dutch Lions looked much improved in this first half against the Cincinnati Kings down in Cincinnati.

Good, composed possession led to a beautiful chance for Geert den Ouden in the 13th minute who took a touch and then scooted past the Kings
defender. The Kings keeper was also out of position and den Ouden slotted the ball home, 1-0 Dutch Lions 13th minute.

The Dutch Lions continued to take most of the possession and received many chances over the next 15 minutes. Dutch Lion winger George Davis gave the Kings trouble around the 25th minute receiving two free kicks for Julius Will to try to cross in.

For the rest of the first half other winger Bas Ent gave the Kings a lot of trouble. This led to a golden oppt. In the 40th minute that Bas just barely missed. A minute later Geert barely missed a chance.

Kings had to wait until the 44th minute for their first real chance. Dutch Lions 1-0 at half

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