Cor van Hoeven, owner of the Dutch technical school Winning Skills has had a thought sharing relationship with the Dutch Lions for at least a few years. The above pictures are from the first ever Dutch Lions tryout, over a year ago, in the Netherlands on December 7th, 2009; where van Hoeven was helping Dutch Lions owner Erik Tammer evaluate and select Dutch Lion players like Bas Ent, Johan Wigger, and etc.

Nevertheless, with no youth academy in place back in December of 2009, the Dutch Lions were not in dire need of a pure Technical Director like van Hoeven until they got their youth academy up and running. Now with the Academy up and running successfully in the Fall of 2010, thanks to the efforts of Dutch Lion first team players and youth coaches Ivar van Dinteren and Eddie Hertsenberg (pictures below), the need for someone such as Cor van Hoeven for the next step of setting the technical agenda of the youth players at DDL F.C. is necessary.

Eddie Hertsenberg coaches a Dutch Lions girl academy player, while Ivar van Dinteren runs a drill with the boys academy players this Fall.

It's also a good sign that roles are being evolved and adapted in a positive manner within the Dutch Lions organization; As during the 2010 season the Dutch Lions had Sonny Silooy double as the Head Coach and Technical Director. Which was probably too many hats, despite Silooy's experience.

In contrast, in 2011 it appears that Cor van Hoeven (who has four soccer school branches in the Netherlands) will run the technical agenda at the academy while a head coach focuses solely on the first team. This split will likely allow a solid first team coach to focus solely on trophies for the Dutch Lions, while Cor van Hoeven builds up a Dutch Lions soccer school here in Dayton- a school similiar to what van Hoeven has been building the past 10 years in Holland with his four branches there.

A good call as van Hoeven has had success with his Dutch schools and also has sold many DVD's on techniques for youth players back in Holland. And those who have found success in previous endeavors in a field usually are more likely to replicate those results.

On November 1st 2010, Cor van Hoeven took over as Technical Director on a three year contract. In the below picture from November 6th van Hoeven evaluates American talent in a tryout for the USL-Pro team with Director of Coaches Ivar van Dinteren and Owner Erik Tammer.

Van Hoeven most recently was head of education at BVV Barendrecht, a third division Dutch side and also was assistant coach for over two years with a Finnish top flight side. Van Hoeven also has coached multiple Dutch sides in over 16 years of coaching (complete resume below).

Best of luck to Cor in his endeavors here in Dayton.

Go to Winning for more on van Hoeven.

van Hoeven trains with a youth at BVV Barendrecht

Cor van Hoeven’s Overall Experience

Head education
BVV Barendrecht
(Sports industry)

June 2010 — Present (7 months)

Winning Skills Westland
(Privately Held; Sports industry)

April 2001 — Present (9 years 9 months)

Interim coach
(Sports industry)

January 2010 — June 2010 (6 months)

Head Education and coach of several youth teams
(Sports industry)

June 2005 — March 2010 (4 years 10 months)

Head coach
Excelsior ' 20
(Sports industry)

June 2006 — June 2008 (2 years 1 month)

Head coach and Head Education
R.K.V.V. Westlandia
(Sports industry)

January 2002 — June 2004 (2 years 6 months)

Assistant coach and Head Education
F.C. Jokerit ( fins veikkausliga )
(Sports industry)

February 2001 — October 2001 (9 months)

Head coach
VV Rozenburg
(Sports industry)

July 1999 — June 2000 (1 year )

Head coach
MVV 27
(Sports industry)

July 1995 — June 1999 (4 years )

Cor van Hoeven’s Education

Fontys Hogescholen
Sports Marketing 2002 — 2004

Royal Dutch Soccer Association
Trainer Coach / Teacher 1993 — 2003

Activities and Societies:Trainer Coach 3,2 and 1. ( UEFA A )
Teacher of the academy
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