Earlier in the week MLS-Rumors reported that Evan Schwartz was being looked at by Toronto F.C. (to possibly be signed with Bas Ent) and that D.C. United and the Philadelphia Union were after Sonny Silooy for an Academy and Assistant position.

Although it was possible that either story could be true; it was best not to count those stories as fact, at the time, since only one out of every five or so rumors on MLS-Rumors end up being true. Further, neither story was reported elsewhere.

However, over the past few days I have heard that in fact both rumors are true.

First, the Schwartz to TFC rumor in detail. Toronto F.C. did scout Bas Ent, Evan Schwartz, and their teammates in a Dutch Lions-Toronto Lynx game back in July. At the time, Toronto F.C. could not even afford to pick up one Dutch Lions player, let alone two; as with MLS's salary cap restrictions and the ammount of money TFC had freed up, nearly none at that time last Summer, TFC scouted the Dutch Lions and gave Bas a trial only for possible future consideration or possible future rule changes in MLS.

Why the planning in advance from Toronto? Because Toronto F.C. likely heard that the MLS Reserve League was to return in 2011. With the return of the MLS Reserve League:

MLS rosters will expand from 26 to 30 players to accommodate the reserve division, with six spots designated for players 24 years old and younger. Also, development academy players will be eligible to play on reserve league teams, as will players on tryouts with MLS franchises.

Therefore, each MLS team has to fill their roster with six players 24 years or younger in 2011. Also, these six players will not count against the team's salary cap. Ent is 23, Schwartz is 22.

And the puzzle pieces start to line up... Each MLS team is going to try to stack those under 24 roster spots with the best talent they can find stateside or elsewhere who are under 24. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Niemens shopping spree on talented Dutch Lion players from 2010, as well as talented under-24 players from other USL-PRO and NASL teams.

With TFC showing interest in Schwartz, other MLS teams have started to take a look at him as well. And although both are likely to be eventually signed because of the Reserve League changes, there is a good chance that either Schwartz or Ent (if eventually signed) can find themselves receiving a lot of starting time, as TFC is weak down the whole right side of their roster.

Second, the Sonny Silooy to D.C. or Philly rumor in detail. Both are true, both are in talks with Silooy. Silooy is also considering coming back to the Dutch Lions and also may have a head coaching offer with the Tampa Bay Rowdies or a couple other Second Division teams.
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