According to and various Dutch sources, Dayton Dutch Lions goalkeeper Oscar Moens stated today that "he will do as David Beckham does" when it comes to his contract with the Dayton Dutch Lions. Meaning that he will play out the rest of the Dutch season with Sparta Rotterdam (a club that has flirted with the Dutch Premier Division the last few years) and won't return to Dayton until he's done with Sparta this season.

The Dutch season doesn't end until mid-May, and Moens is under contract to start the USL-Pro season with the Dutch Lions in March. There has been no response yet from the Dutch Lions on how they feel about Moens plans. As on one hand Moens was one of the Dutch Lions top performers in 2010, but on the other hand it's likely that the Dutch Lions will want their number #1 keeper in net from the start of preseason.

If the Dutch Lions have a high priority for having a starting keeper on their roster for 100% percent of the season, they may have to look elsewhere and scuttle Moens large salary. Then again the Dutch Lions ownership and fans hold Moens in high regard; and may decide that having Moens for 70% percent of the year is better than none at all. Either way, Moens looks to put Sparta as his main priority and stating so emphatically in an interview with Voetbal International may hurt his return:

"Well, how it works in America. The competition was two months ago and starts over again not until March. Until then they all will probably play basketball or something. I've signed with Sparta until the end of the season. I would like my arrangement to be the same as David Beckham," said Moens.

No word yet on whether the Dayton Dutch Lions would be okay with such an arrangement.
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