According to a source, another Lindsey Wilson product looks destined for the top American leagues, as Englishman Joe Tait looks to follow in the steps of Lindsey Wilson grad Shaun Francis (Columbus Crew starting left back) by joining up with the Dayton Dutch Lions of USL-Pro.

Tait had his best season as a professional last year for the Baton Rouge Capitals where he won PDL Defender of The Year (video discussing that accompishment below). Additionally, Tait and his Capital teammates rock hard defense led Baton Rouge to a 3rd place national finish in the 2010 PDL season.

Tait also has offensive prowress, as Tait did play some midfield for Lindsey Wilson and scored a hat trick for Baton Rouge in a game against Atlanta this season. Tait is a strong, tall defender that can get up well and is a threat on header goals from corner kicks.

The signing of Tait (or one of his teammates- as it hasn't been confirmed yet on Tait) was first hinted by Mossel in an article that appeared on; That article stated that the Baton Rouge partnership also consisted of the Dutch Lions acquiring one of Baton Rouge's best talents in the coming weeks:
"They have access to a very talented area and we like to do more than just share ideas like we have been doing so far. One of the first things we will do is schedule an exhibition game in Dayton in 2011. We are also about to sign one of their most talented players in the coming weeks.”

I have heard some murmurs that this signing will probably be Tait.

Here's Tait giving a brief bio for Lindsey Wilson college:
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